Creative Space – Brown Paper Packages Wrapped up with…

masking tape!  My name is Paula Kilgallon and I have a brown paper and masking tape fetish!

This week my creative space is, or rather, was full this afternoon of these…

Buddy parcels.  Wrapped up ready to got to the post office and then off into the wide world.  I can’t show the contents because some people who read this may very well have ordered some!

B said he would take them to the local post office for me, basically so I didn’t drive the car again this week in the miniscule amount of snow that we have had.  Then this afternoon when he saw them he got a bit windy –


Me: ‘Yes’

B: ‘Do I have to fill in any things?’

Me:  ‘If by that you mean customs labels, yes for some of them you do.’

B:  ‘Can they wait until tomorrow?’

Me:  ‘No!’

B:  General chunering.

Me:  ‘If you wait while I wrap another one I’ll come with you in my break!’

B:  ‘Okay then.’

B will even inconvenience himself to avoid me driving our his car!

Other creative spaces can be seen here – they may very well to crafty people who have their own cars so there is unlikely to be husband bashing!


8 responses to “Creative Space – Brown Paper Packages Wrapped up with…

  1. Hehe … for a minute I thought you’d cut Buddy up into pieces and were getting rid of the evidence! Then realised!!

    I also went to the post office today with a pile of parcels. Not buddies in mine, but scarves (my present of choice this year for the men in the family and some of the kids too!).

    It’s funny how men don’t like these little jobs …. my A wouldn’t have filled out customs docs at the post office either.

  2. Do they have a 12-step program to break the brown paper and masking tape habit? Also, if there is to be no husband bashing, I ain’t reading, especially since my significant other is perched right on the top of my sh** list today!
    I think I feel the need to take his shiny new truck to the grocery store today.(insert sound of squealing tires here)

  3. Love the wrapped up parcels – sending parcels is almost as good as receiving something – well maybe not.

  4. Yippee! Think one of those parcels is coming to our house! That is quite an impressive show of lots of hard work and creativity….B should be so proud of you!

  5. I wish you would keep your bedroom antics to yourself! 😉

  6. hehe, cute take (tape?) on a favourite song. i think plain wrapping sometimes makes whatever is inside that much more fantastic. oh c’mon, just one little peek? 😉

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