Buddy Two Poos

This is me and Bud on 10 September, the day after we got him…

this is also why I don’t put many photos on, B is not very good with the camera.  I never look like me, I AM a 5′ 8″ leggy blonde and yet in B’s pics I always look like a 5′ 1″ non leggy brunette, well brunette-ish I guess in that one!

And after slightly more than two months and…

3 walking harnesses

1 chewed door frame

3 poops in the house

3 puddles inside

1 vicious leap at Ben (my Auntie Ann’s dog)

numerous soft doggy toys

lots of chewing toys

1 wee in the garage – not 2′ from where I was sitting

chasing two pheasants across a field

several instances of vomiting (by Bud – just one by me)

an hysterical moment when I painted the bathroom ceiling when he got a piece of masking tape stuck on his paw

about 1,000 poop scoops (hence Bud’s nickname Buddy Two Poos because why do one when you can do two 100 years apart and thank goodness for frosty mornings in the garden! – If you don’t own a dog and need an explanation let me know – let’s just say I’m not looking forward to warmer weather)

an encounter with an Akita that confirmed that although my organisation skills are a bit shot I can still remain calm under pressure – stick hand out, grab harness extract Bud from Akita’s grip – I think it wanted to play but then again it was lunch time!

a little toy box for Bud – because there is no way I am going to end up in A&E explaining that I fractured the lytic lesion in my right femur by tripping over a blue goose on the landing in the dark!

several stones in the pads of his paws

one somersault onto his back on the lounge laminate flooring which he walked off but which nearly gave me and B a heart attack

one twisting somersault somersault on the kitchen lino for which he got 10.0 as he landing back on his feet, I mean paws

two grazes on his back legs from skidding to retrieve his ball

a boo boo that required a trip to the vet’s…

this is me and Bud on 17 November…

And strangely I have MORE hair!

15 responses to “Buddy Two Poos

  1. Whose idea was it to have a dog?! But I suppose it gets you out and about / keeps you fit… or at least that’s what FL tells me when I head out into the snow and he buries himself further under his pile of newspapers!

  2. In the 17 Nov photo, for a second there I thought you had a syringe sticking out of your nose…until I clicked on it to make it bigger and realized it was a knitting needle… 😀

  3. “They” say that kids and dogs keep one young… perhaps all this drama is actually good for you!!! I certainly hope so…. your dog tales are entertaining.

  4. ONLY 3 POOPS AND PUDDLES in the house?!!! Buddy needs to teach
    my Lacey a thing or two. My area rugs are outside FROZEN SOLID hanging
    on my fence after being washed AGAIN due to puddles. And what is it about photos? I thought I was a buxom red-head who still looked 20-something.
    Go figure. That photo is a common scene in our house ‘cept I don’t have
    knitting needles piercing my brain. Had B’s mum just left?

  5. Oh, the things we endure for our pups! Loved reading all about your adventures with Buddy…now hopefully things will calm down a bit as he gets a little older. Looks like in spite of his antics, he is quite the cuddler! And I see a nice head of hair growing in…though nowhere close to blonde…hehe!

  6. Brilliant, brilliant. I have all the dog toys in our house in a little container, also, but, without fail, the desired one (especially in Finn’s case) is always at the bottom. I’m STILL picking up toys!

  7. Is that a curl I see? Sharon (from under 50’s) who we met at an info day back in September likened her’s to a loo brush, I think Billy Connolly would probably say “puuuube.” Not that I’m saying it looks strange!

    Glad to see you’ve overtaken Buddy on the hair front, does it mean you need more regular baths than Buddy? 😉

  8. See this is the other reason B doesn’t take a lot of pictures, well that and that he can’t use the camera correctly most of the time. I swear I thought no-one would notice the knitting needle. I had barely got my bum down on the settee when Bud abandoned B and his settee for me and mine – so I had to move the needles quickly. And then it was ‘take a pic’ Sigh ‘I don’t know where the camera is!’ ‘It’s at the side of you on charge’ Sigh ‘Which button do I press to switch it on? Which button takes the picture?’ There was no time to say ‘By the way do I look like I’m snorting knitting needles?’ ;D

    And yes on the hair front I am almost at the point of having to use a hair brush! Although I may now have to get my wig out since I don’t want to look like a bog brush! ;D

  9. As per your comment on my blog — thank you for your kindness, first of all. And I do know what Boxing Day is, and I think it’s a grand tradition. The only Day After Christmas tradition in the US is taking back gifts you don’t want!!

  10. Hey girlfriend 🙂 looks like our hairs are growing in at a similar pace! How’s that possible, as I thought you were ahead of me in this MM game!!! ???
    And speaking of doggies, did you see my previous pictures of all our mutts? Ah, what would life be like without our furried friends?? Thanks for all your sweeeet postings on my blog too! And enlilghten me please, how do you pronounce your real name??? x0x0x0

    • Hey Julie – I am indeed ahead of you but I don’t think as much of yours fell out. I know you didn’t have it cut straight away but I still don’t think I would have had anywhere as much left! As for my real name it’s pronounced Pau-la! LOL xx

  11. He’s a beauty! I love his color. Don’t they call it tortoise? We love our Kip, 11 1/2 year old yellow lab. He has had a hole in his heart since birth and they told me he wouldn’t live as long, so we spoiled him rotten, and low and behold, he is still kicking around, but has always been very mellow, not a typical characteristic for a lab.

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