Our bathroom

Yes I know it’s so, so UNFINISHED is what it is!

Although we do have a new bath, new toilet and new shower tray around which the old shower enclosures has now developed a rattle to rival a rattlesnake.

We have had the following adornment to the stair carpet since Monday – not Buddy, the ‘Roll & Stroll’.  See it clearly says ‘Roll & Stroll’ except for three and a half days I was wondering why something that covered carpet was called ‘Boll & Stroll’ (said to rhyme with ‘Boll’).

Despite this pic makes it appear to the contrary Bud does his level best to avoid walking on it sticking to the edges and seemingly to alternate going  down stairs as there is not enough room – ‘Okay left paws carpet, right paws Boll & Stroll’ – Hey Bud can’t read and I gave him duff information!

I’m just hoping it’s not like removing hair with sticky strips ie, that the carpet’s not gonna end up bald if it’s on to long.

And when we picked the taps I was sure that the wash hand basin tap was just like the bath tap, with separate hot and cold ‘handles’ because I remember thinking that this would be less convenient than the combined one handle tap we had but it looked better.  However sitting in our garage at the moment is the basin which has ONE hole!  Not sitting in the garage is the tap so I can’t compare.

B is ‘disappointed’ that it wasn’t finished last week as anticipated, the tiler didn’t appear on Thursday or Friday!  However he WILL be with us Monday, he will, he will!  Actually I’m not too concerned, sure it’s inconvenient but this is bothering me more…

‘What?’ I hear you cry – ‘it’s a flannel in a cereal/dessert bowl at the side of the sink.’ And yes, you are indeed correct that’s what it is exactly, BUT who else has something similar – THE MOTHER IN LAW!  She has a grotty dishcloth in a cereal/dessert bowl, that’s older than me probably, at the side of her sink. I have dispensed said cloth into the bin on many, many occasions and replaced it with a nice new one but they always seem to be in a similar condition five minutes later.

I have confronted B over this – I wasn’t intending to – I just blurted it out in near hysterics when I saw it.  B assures me it is only temporary.  Well it better be or he’ll be seeing his mother’s dish cloth on a permenant basis.

One response to “Our bathroom

  1. Oh, Oh… sounds like certain lines of demarcation are being drawn on that new carpet…

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