Creative Space Thursday – Wool ‘en Shirts

Today my creative space is filled with this…

I treated myself to some Araucania Ranco Multy in colour 324!  Let’s face it when a yarn contains so many colours a number is the only thing that’s appropriate.  It’s 75% wool and 25% polyamide.  It seems really soft (because I am one of the ‘Don’t do wool it itches’ brigade – I think resulting for an incident with tartan pants that my mum made me and made me wear as a child).  I think it’s going to become a cardigan for me.  I also think it may take a while since it’s 4 ply.

And these…

a pile of my father in law’s old shirts that I was sure I could use in some way shape or form.  I think he could have worn a different shirt every day for a month and not got through them which could explain why they are in such good condition – that and the fact that I think he only wore certain ones anyway.

I think they are going to become a Christmas Gift in some way shape or form. Something that I need to get a move on with since we are nearly in December and I have finished, let’s see that would be, ohhh, do I need to take my socks off to count, no because I’ve finished none!

In fact I have been slacking so much that my bunny from last week still hasn’t got a tail!


7 responses to “Creative Space Thursday – Wool ‘en Shirts

  1. The wool is truly gorgeous. I was admiring something similar in my local wool shop this morning (I needed just one more ball to finish the sweater I’m attempting to crochet – that’ll be one more on top of the extra one I purchased on Tuesday – doh!) but they didn’t have anything so exciting in stuff I can actually wear (wool is definitely out for me). So I’m in envy!

    Better get your skates on Paula – less than a month to go now!! What are you going to make with those shirts?

  2. cannot wait to see what you make with those shirts…..Happy Thanksgiving…

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

  4. Mmmm! Yummy yarn! Get knitting then! What are you waiting for lazybones?!

  5. Nice color choice on the Araucania! I hope you enjoy working with it as much as I did.

    That little bunny doesn’t need a tail — he has enough personality as it is!

  6. the wool is lovely! i think we must’ve had the same pair of pants, and same mom 😉 i remember it well, dark blue and green tartan. and ITCHY! i have since recovered somewhat from my wool-phobia.

  7. Another itcher here! I remember I used to have contact dermatitis as a kid – if I wore anything remotely scratchy, I’d itch myself to the point of hives and bleeding. Now isn’t THAT a lovely comment?? 🙂

    That yarn is beautiful though! I came over here from imadeitso, and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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