Buddy and the Beach

I have been taking Tuesdays as holidays so that I can go to Armchair Yoga, however yesterday I was unable to attend for two reasons as it turned out.  The bathroom is being refitted so someone had to babysit Bud and as it turned out I couldn’t have gone anyway because I have a bit of a cold that I may not have been able to keep to myself.

I had contemplated taking Buddy somewhere different for his walk but then I started thinking well I have something to do and maybe I shouldn’t take him far in the car by myself on the motorway and then I thought if I have to wait for Bernard to come… well I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen.  I’m not saying it’s difficult to get my husband to go to places he doesn’t normally go but it took me four weeks to get him to come to the ‘nature reserve’ two miles up the road with us!  And then it was after a rainfall so it was muddy and although he didn’t quite get to the point of saying we couldn’t go again (he knows better than that) but I was advised to take a change of shoes next time we went.

A couple of people have suggested that I see if I can have my four weekly Zometa infusions at the local hospital rather than in Liverpool – if I did this I would never get my lunch out!

So with a view to enjoying TODAY and not putting things of until tomorrow (not because there may not be a tomorrow but because there may be something equally new and fun to do then) we set off in the car.

Buddy is not a good passenger.  He is all to keen to get IN the car but once we move off (and he does this if B is driving too) he starts to whinge.  Now I like the idea of him being fastened in but since we are completely down one seat belt and he started on another for the time being he is a loose cannon.

He whinges in the back – sitting up, lying down, looking out of the window, staring at the floor – he’s not fussy. Then he gets in the front, and is a little bit quieter and looks hysterically funny sitting in the passenger seat staring out of the front windscreen.

Yesterday however he got a little bit more than he bargained for and indeed had fair claim on a whinge.  There was a little bit of sudden bracking and he nearly ended up in the footwell.  He lay down for a while after.

I thought I did particularly well and managed to tune out his protests at being in a moving car by… turning up My Chemical Romance on the CD.  This however did not cover up the beeping noise produced when Bud shifted his little doggie weight to such a position on the seat that the car thought ‘Oh, there is someone in the passenger seat who has not put the seat belt on.  I must therefore make an irritating noise until they rectify this position.’

Needless to say we got there in once piece and had a ‘whale’ of a time.

We saw super large jelly fish – well they were super large to us at over a foot across – I’ve only ever seen little ones on a British beach before

It was lovely and sunny, freezing cold but lovely and sunny…

We met lots of dogs which gave Bud some more experience interacting with other canines – including a near hysterical tiny, tiny dog no bigger than Bud’s head which he just blanked twice.  I still wouldn’t trust him near another dog off the lead but maybe one day in the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuture.

Some of you may be aware that B has only ever read about two of my posts and what goes on the blog stays on the blog apart from ‘Keygate‘, so I shouldn’t really need to say that B doesn’t NEED to know about any frollicking in the surf, because remember we were in the his car…

This is an ‘arty’ shoot as someone had accidentally switched to panoramic…

We both really enjoyed ourselves, Bud so much that he was reluctant to get back in the car – YES IT WAS BECAUSE HE HAD FUN ON THE BEACH – and nothing to do with my driving.  And we both ended up having a kip on the seettee when we got home for all of 10 minutes until the tiler rang the doorbell.

I for one won’t be putting fun things off in the future, life is oh so precious and we really do need to make the most of it.


6 responses to “Buddy and the Beach

  1. I have a sudden urge to call ‘B’ for some reason 😉

  2. Oh Paula, I lovvved this post. Well, I love all your posts…but this one really struck a chord on many levels…traveling with pets (you should see my cats as soon as they get into a car…Shrieking, deranged and violent banshees would be much more pleasant driving companions…), going to the beach (sometimes I really miss not being near the ocean…)…and of course not putting off fun things (YEAH!)…
    I also learned two new words, which I always enjoy: 1. the verb “to whing,” whose meaning I figured out from context but had to look up online to double-check; and 2. the verb “to blank.” Uhm, that stumped me, I admit. And Google was no help. So, uhm, WHAT did Buddy end up doing to that tiny dog??? Did he wrap a blanket around it, to provide comfort, thus stopping it from being hysterical? If so, that was most considerate of him…do give him a pet from me, will ya? 🙂

    • Thanks Margaret!

      To blank – to ignore someone/something completely with not even the slightest teeny tiniest glimpse in their/its direction possibly by accident but more likely than not on purpose ie, you would probably blank someone that you would not give the time of day to! ;D

  3. What a great day you had! Hooray for you both.

  4. If you have essntial oils you may want to put some on his paws (the dog not the husband) before you leave. Young living brand have peace and calming, or you can use Lavender, cammomile, frankincense or sandalwood. You can get some almond oil about 1 oz and put 2 drops of each into it and try it out, rub on his spine also. If you think it is stinging him add a little more almond oil to the area. I am setting up a whole lot of tips like this on my site, and it helps humans and animals. Have a good week. Find the purest oils you can. They are not all equal. I also love you knitting and crochet notes. Take care

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