Myeloma UK Take 2 Campaign

Last week I followed a link on facebook, posted by Deb who is about to start treatment, to the little video for the Take 2 Campaign.  This aims to raise awareness amongst GPs about myeloma to avoid delays in diagnosis.  Apparently, approximately 20% of people diagnosed die within 60 days!

I noticed the ‘Does your MP support TAKE 2?’ on the right hand side and my MP was not on the list.  Knowing that he is up for these sort of things as I have seen him on lists before and have written to him about animal welfare issues in the past I emailed him on the evening of the 15th and got this on back on Saturday…

Isn’t he just so nice especially since he did this despite me confessing I hadn’t been able to vote for him in the General Election – well I did have a valid excuse I was on my SCT holiday – although I guess I could have sorted out a postal vote!

Oh and he isn’t crooked – it’s just the way I scanned it!

3 responses to “Myeloma UK Take 2 Campaign

  1. Good on you! I hope it all works out.

  2. It is really really important for MDs to have more knowledge about this wretched disease. It sounds like we could do more of this in the U.S. as well… great idea!

  3. My biggest peeve about MM and diagnosing it, is that the medical profession knows so little about it. The PR for cancer is all about the Breasst, Brain Liver etc but many are dying each day from MM, as they are undiagnosed. It is sad…..I get frustrated by the inadequate attempts at treatment, leave the ego at the door and look into it. So many aregiven the wrong information. Myself, it took over a year before diagnosis and it was almost too late. So keep up the good work about spreading the word.

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