Vaccination Time

I have a serious post, no seriously, I do!  I DO!

I had a visit to the nurse at our doctors last week re a woman’s er, three year thingie, screening do hicky and she said that they’d had a letter about my re-vaccinations.

I had considered not having them but I hadn’t really looked into it and naiviley thought it was the ones I remembered like measles, TB and the one on the sugar cube.

Apparently it’s not it’s the following

Pneumococcal – pneumonia, meningitis and blood infections

Haemophilus influenza conjugate – meningitis, bacterial pneumonia, and infections of the blood, bones, and joints

Diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis – well that would be diphtheria, tetanus and it turns out whooping cough

Inactivated polio (I wonder if this is still on a sugar cube – probably not, someone would get sued for rotting teeth)

and then annual vaccinations for both me and B (HAH) whilst I remain immunocompromised of

Inactivated influenza

So I would like your opinions – have you, haven’t you, do you intend to if you are in that position or even if you’re not your views on vaccination.  You can either leave a comment or if you prefer to do it privately in case you just want to say ‘For goodness sake woman just get them done – don’t be a baby about it!’ (Get it – baby, as they are for my new baby immune system and the letter says I can have the neonatal brands!) my email is

And remember this is serious – there may be lollipops riding on it if I get them done and am a good girl whilst having them!




8 responses to “Vaccination Time

  1. I usually get my vaccinations. Having had double pneumonia as a kid, I jumped at the chance to have the pneumococcal one as I never, ever, ever want to experience that again. Similarly I always get my flu shot every year as I’m prone to things that affect my lungs. I think my doctor gave me a tetanus shot the other year as I confessed to not remembering ever having one (when will I learn to keep my mouth shut?) but he didn’t say any others needed topping up and I definitely haven’t had many in your list since I was a young child. Other than that I’ve had a few travel shots.

    I’d forgotten how lax the UK is on other screening … only every 3 years? Seriously?! It’s part of the annual physical here along with a full panel of blood tests and any other torture they feel like inflicting (last year a mammogram; this year it was colon cancer screening … despite only being in my early 40’s!) all in the name of preventative medicine. And the Canadians are pretty relaxed about all this compared to the Germans (where we lived before coming to Canada).

    So, back to vaccinations … if it were me I’d get those that your doctor is recommending as most urgent (can’t see you contracting polio in the very short term!!); but maybe not all at once as that seems to be a long, long list and I’m sceptical that anyone’s immune system would cope with all of them in a short time frame.

    I’ll stop rambling there as I’m not sure I’ve been any help at all!!

  2. EZ’s doctors, both at our home cancer center and Duke, are recommending that he be re-vaccinated one year after transplant. We are definately going with their recommendation as the alternative would be getting those awful infections and diseases with a baby immune system…no fun and too risky. The shingles vaccine is another one we are checking in to. Hope this helps!

  3. Vaccinate. DEFINITELY. And, boy do I remember those polio sugar cubes. . . !

  4. One year after my SCT I received all of the vaccinations you mentioned above. I had no complications. I also receive the annual flu vaccination including, this year and last, one for H1N1.

    There should also be a 3-shot series for Hepatitis.


  5. You can have any shot that does not contain a LIVE VIRUS.
    Shingles shots contain live virus. Hinney (crude slang for H1N1) DOES contain live virus. So… just be sure the Dr. vouches for the no-live-virus thingie.
    Some of the avoidance of shots in recent years is more harmful than good.
    We are seeing a needless return/upsurge of some devasting diseases that vaccines can prevent.
    P.S. I love your bunnies. The knitted ones, please don’t think I’m a stalker.

  6. Oh crap. I mean HINNY does NOT contain a live virus. See why I think you should double check with a doctor?!

  7. Me and FL both had the flu jabs last year. This year, only he has had them. I did not know they offered the “full monty”, but personally I subscribe to “better safe than sorry” with compromised immunity issues.

  8. Well as I am on a roll on answering your post, I just cannot understand why medical progessionals, would want to poison your system with these vaccinations. I never had them as a child and today they scare me to death. Here in the USA they have mercury and other really bad things in them, why I do not know. So I would take one or two of the most important, let the rest go and think on it again in a couple of years. I have not had tetanus in 15 years, (unlike you I did not have a sct) however some of those organisms still remain. I know they changed everything but I would test and see what I have in my blood. You are still in a fragile state and I all you can do is boost your immune system. Mine is still weak and it is a constant battle but I will NOT have flu shots, too many unknown. This of course, is just my 2 cents worth. Do what you have to and take care.

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