I don’t think Buddy wants another bath!

The day we brought Bud home we gave him a bath because he STUNK.  He wasn’t too happy about it, but how many dogs are, and actually wee’ed on the bathroom floor.  Fortunately I had dog washing experience and the tiles were covered with old towels.

We want to bath him again before we get our new bathroom suite but something tells me he’s not too struck on the idea.

I’m obviously not gonna get a movie making job as the landing carpet features heavily.


7 responses to “I don’t think Buddy wants another bath!

  1. Did you ever manage to give this tough customer a bath? ROTFL!!! 😀

  2. Well, you did ask if he wanted a bath! I guess the answer was no! Maybe next time ask if he wants a treat instead, he might not cotton on until you get him in the bathroom and shut the door!

    I gave up trying to bath our border collies years ago… they would immediately find a pile of fox pooh and roll in it. Delightful brats! I’m blessed with otherwise fairly clean dogs – a bit of rain and a rub down with a towel seems to keep them clean!

  3. Who could resist that tail wagging and doggie talking? He’s pretty excited about something…but don’t think it’s the bath! Who wants a bath when you can go back to bed? I love your giggle too!

  4. I always just plan on taking a bath at the same time…makes it so much easier…not sure for who thou….lol…good luck

  5. “Buddy Doesn’t Take a Bath” wins the oscar for the most engaging and smile-generating video of the day! All this puppy nonsense has driven me to consider one for myself… after all, bathing is only one part of the engagement, isn’t it?

  6. I couldn’t get my audio to work on this clip but this is pretty much the same
    reaction I get from Tim if I ask him if he wants to cuddle(minus the tail wagging.)

  7. Poor Buddy. . . Trying to charm his way out of the whole ordeal.

    Wonderful to hear your giggle!!!!!!

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