Buddy & the Bone!

Okay well I think we all know that the next words I type regarding whether the chewing deterrent worked are not going to be  ‘I came home to find that Buddy hadn’t touched the door frame’!

Tuesday morning rolled out as follows….

I sprayed the door frame.

Buddy and I went for a long walk.  (Okay it felt long but when I was showing Bernard on the map on Wednesday morning it wasn’t actually that far!)

I sprayed the door frame.

Got changed out of muddy pants.

I sprayed the door frame.

I abandoned Buddy in the garage and went to a GP appointment.  I have been taking painkillers once or twice a day for my back and writst and after running out several times I thought – well hey, why not see if I could get them on prescription.  After saying that I wanted to be cheeky and get them on prescription not because of the cost the GP finished off because of the convenience.  He had a similar problem and we are only allowed to buy a maximum of 32 of anything with paracetemol in at any one time.

Since I drive past the turn off for ours on the bay to Armchair Yoga and I had time I stopped off at at home to check on the door frame.

There had been a little bit of chewing going on.  I chastised Buddy and guess what?

I sprayed the door frame.  By now nearly half the bottle had been applied – I didn’t want B saying that I hadn’t used enough.

I went to lunch before yoga where the topic was discussed and I was lulled into a false sense of security by someone suggesting that may be he had tired it, didn’t like it and stopped – okay I was lulled for about 3 seconds.  In the car on the way there I realised I had a funny taste in my mouth and it was a waft of the chew deterrent.  It wasn’t that bad!  (Processed peas would have been a much better deterrent for me.) If I thought this then it really wasn’t gonna deter Bud.

I left yoga – should I got home, should I call at my Auntie En’s – ohhh, decisions, decisions – I went home – I didn’t want to leave B in a mess of door frame.

I arrived at home with B coming to the front door before I was even out of the car.

B:  ‘I picked him up, I pointed his nose at it and I put him out in the garden!’

I peeped through the lounge window and there was Buddy facing the back door, whining.

B suggested I get a different chew deterrent!  Now we all know that it was highly unlikely that was going to work – it had to be something that Buddy found unpleasant, very unpleasant becuase Kim, from here, had tried Cholula (a hot sauce) and it hadn’t worked.  (Funnily enough they had this on the table where we had lunch – mmm, I thought, for some reason that looks familiar!)

I had my Zometa infusion today so I needed a plan of attack that WOULD work…

Part 1

As luck would have it, well not for B, but silver lining and everything, B’s back has been playing up the last couple of days (he has two damaged discs) and he has applied Deep Heat and I notice when Bud and I got back from a walk on Wednesday that he stopped at the top of the stairs sniffing in a ‘ohhh, that’s not nice’ kinda way.

Part 2

Linda, from here, suggested a bone to keep Bud occupied.  Toni, from here, had sent Bud a bony gift just after he arrived with us and although it grossed me out a bit, it looked so fresh, Bud looooooooooved it.  In fact it was about the first time he had stayed outside on his own since we got him and he was out there a while with the odd nip inside to check I was still here.

Part 3

Tire Bud out before we left.

So this morning we (Buddy and I) went to Jolleys to buy something to chew.  I started with a pigs trotter but ewwwwwwww! Plus I didn’t think it would last that long.  So it ended up either BIG bone or little bone – what use was a little bone gonna be.  (Bud also wee’ed in Jolleys – I blushed – a rare occurence – and confessed at the till – I think it might happen a lot the cashier seemed non plussed.)  Bit too big?

We then went for a longish walk which involved playing fetch until Buddy was panting.  We walked from the wood and then back to the wood and a bit further (it’s not as far as it looks but I was probably more pooped than Bud).

Before we (B and I this time) left for Liverpool I rubbed Deep Heat on the door frame – which is harder than you think on a roughly chewed section of wood.

When we got to the day ward I got the same health care assistant as our previous two trips, this time however she give me a choice and said I could  have someone else if I wanted.  Last time the canula went in but wasn’t right and she felt she’d made me cry – I would point out that in fact I didn’t cry but my eyes did water as it did sting like a son of a… gun!  It then took another two attempts by a nurse to get one in.  I however planned to keep as warm as possible so things were plumb and flowing and had a very long sleeved cardigan on in the car on the way there and sat with sheepskin mittens on while I waited.

Apparently she felt really bad about it and had kept thinking about it all the following weekend to the point it made her nervous the next time she did it.  She was also hoping that someone else would get me this time even though the very first time hadn’t been any trouble.  After it worked this time and she felt so much better!

We went for lunch and then shopped and then came home to find…drum roll please – that Bud had had a tiny nibble of the frame, must have found he didn’t like it, so had had a chew of a empty cereal box and his bone!  Ta da – the solution to a dog that chews in their owners’ absence – a good walk, deep heat and a BIG bone!  I wonder if I could patent that idea?  Royalties would be paid as appropriate!



4 responses to “Buddy & the Bone!

  1. I give my pommies a bone everday..when he first come he chewed up a few of my best shoes ofcourse…now even if it is a small bone he gets it when I leave…they get so bored when we aren’t there…I also have him squecky toys…for when the bone runs out…he has forgotten bout the shoes…but I sure wish I could keep him out of the garbage…..lol

    patients is a furture with furbabies isn’t it….gotta love them anyways

  2. Ours had separation anxiety (something I think that is common with rescue dogs) … after chewing their way through a room once, I always left them with chew toys and rawhide chews. That seemed to do the trick. By the time they’d finished their treats they’d forgotten about me and went to sleep (well, I think they did). I’d forgotten all about it .. it’s now 12 years on and one has passed away, while his partner in crime (sorry, sister) likes sleeping a lot.

  3. Does deep heat come in 50 gallon drums? I’m afraid I haven’t come across
    ANYTHING my puppy won’t chew and it doesn’t matter how many chew toys are on the floor just waiting to be mauled. I’ll have to douse the house.

  4. Ah, puppies. . . The only thing that I’ve seen Finn react truly negatively to is fingernail polish. But only when it’s wet. Which rules it entirely out as any sort of chewing deterrent.

    Back to the drawing board for us, but hooray for you and Buddy!!

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