Creative Space Thursday – A work of fiction

We are on holiday next week but on Tuesday or Wednesday I will be getting a Home Visit from work to check the health and safety of my workspace and to carry out my appraisal.
The visit comprises one x big boss and one x new team leader, please note the new bit.  I have spoken to my team leader a few times and but have never met him.
Yesterday I received my Appraisee’s Preparation Notes by email.  My sense of humour leapt up and stamped on my common sense until it passed out and I emailed my completed notes back.  I suggested that I didn’t need an appraisal and that if he could tell the big boss that I now have a rug under my chair that would be good and I maybe didn’t need a home visit!  (I haven’t got a rug under my chair yet but I don’t think it counted as a lie because I didn’t actually say I had!)

Now remember I did say I haven’t met him – here’s my Appraisee’s Preparation Notes…

Last time I checked my email I hadn’t had the one that was being sent today saying what date/time they’d be calling.  I may need to send my common sense to the gym!


One response to “Creative Space Thursday – A work of fiction

  1. Oh Paula, you are a hoot! I actually had my Appraisal today – it must be that time of year. Sadly the form I had to complete had even less potential for creativity. My Appraiser told me I seemed much more confident this year – was it because I had my hair cut?! She didn’t know what to say when I told her that was because I wasn’t depressed at the moment so was actually awake at work. Ah appraisals – dontcha just love em?

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