Chew Deterrent

In light of Bud’s chewing of the kitchen door frame last Tuesday in a measly two hours 20 minutes B has taken advice from a workmate and went out this afternoon to purchase Shaws Chew Deterrent.

When I asked if said workmate, who owns a Staffordshire Bull Terrier himself, had ever used the stuff and after further probing (I nearly had to get the comfy chair out) it turned out that B couldn’t say either way.

I have looked up said Chew Deterrent on the Pets at Home website which is where B purchased it from and it has received several reviews along these lines…

It stopped my last few puppies chewing anything

The dog licked the taste of it better than water

The dog chewed the bottle (there were pictures of the chewed bottle)

The dog chewed the bottle (yes two lots of dogs chewed the bottle – how they got to the bottle we’ll never know)

The overall score of the Chew Deterrent was two stars out of five – a high score I thought since of the 11 reviews only one said it worked, although one did say it may have worked but since they had moved everything out of the dog’s way this could have helped!

Tomorrow we shall see – I can’t wait!


3 responses to “Chew Deterrent

  1. Perhaps the previous owners of Buddy lived in a log cabin, hence ‘Previous owners’ 😉

  2. Perhaps one of those sanitized thigh bones you can pick up at the pet shop (or butcher?) would keep him occupied! Our dogs chew theirs for hours, and unlike rawhide, they last forever.Anxious to read how the chew deterrent works out…

  3. Well, perhaps you should try a sterilized thigh bone from the pet shop or butcher. Our dogs love to chew those, and unlike rawhide, they last forever and keep them very busy! Otherwise, hope the chew deterrent works!

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