Getting a straight edge!

I seemed to have lots of bits of stuff unfinished and hanging around.  I still haven’t done the curtains for the bedroom that I started weeks ago but I have a valid excuse in that my right wrist wouldn’t at the moment cope very well with the lifting and manouvering of so much material.  It also couldn’t cope with cleaning the bathroom or peeling potatoes so B had to do those.

However I did add buttons to this…

and these…

which are the five hour baby cardigan pattern, which I adapted to make jumpers from, which also got buttoned and finished off today.

Then I sewed together my first every crochet clothing item other than a scarf…

and turned these – baby socks knit on two needles because I thought that would be way easier than four but holey moley how many loose ends to finish off can one baby sock have…

into these…

The above items are for a hospital in South Africa which is helped out by one of our doctor’s receptionist’s husbands and were brought to you courtesy of yarn supplied by another receptionist and some odds and sods I had.

And finally, although I did finish this yesterday, we have Candy Cane Buddy…

whose alias is Barber Shop Pole Buddy!

9 responses to “Getting a straight edge!

  1. Wow – you’ve been busy!!

  2. well you have rocked out some projects..I so need to do this….I have so many unfinished stuff….you inspired me to try…keep up the good work busy girl

  3. That’s incredible!! Congratulations to you on all your hard work.

    I knit all my socks flat — have never gotten the hang of double-points — so those baby socks don’t look all that daunting to me.

  4. Wow! You got talent girl. I love the baby sweaters. Your buddies look similar to little dolls I make out of socks (store bought) I really need to get this batch finished to send off for charity. Maybe this week while I’m on dex. I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

  5. Yikes! I feel like a sluggard having done nothing at all to justify my existence this week but get myself back from the jungle and do a load or two of wash. I am appropriately contrite seeing all your hard works and will strive to be more energetic this week!

  6. Hello from Ana’s Friday Archive Dive
    Your knitting is wonderful…so many sweet items to send for a very good cause…buttons are the perfect finishing touches too!

  7. All so beautiful! But the Candy Cane/Barber Shop Buddy is just too adorable.

  8. hee, that candy cane buddy is cute. you are so good to knit for others as you do.

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