As in blankets not people from Afghanistan!

I don’t usually buy books purely with afghan patterns in because I end up thinking that I could have come up with that idea myself however I came across this one and I love it.

There are some I wouldn’t consider making either because I’m none too keen on the style or I couldn’t be bothered with the pattern (Westchester Winter) but on the whole I’m very impressed.  It was certainly worth its £8.99 from amazon if for no other reason than it’s a nice book to look through – okay I know that may sound a bit odd but I like craft books that are nice to browse through even if I don’t make anything from them.  (I also like cookery books with photos, in fact I insist on cookery books that have a photo of every single recipe in them – basically because I like seeing what it should have looked like!  That’s not saying I’m a bad cook, I am in fact a good one, but since things always take longer to make then anticipated B is generally having about waiting for FOOD and it ends up getting slopped on the plate.)

I particularly like Petal, Bright Star and Ukranian Tiles – one of which may be coming soon to a bed near us!


3 responses to “Afghans

  1. The book looks great … but the thought of so much knitting / crocheting puts me off even thinking about making an afghan. I just know I’d never finish it. Sweaters are bad enough! However the Ukranian tiles afghan would possibly be the one to make me change my mind.

    Have fun!

  2. Oh, I like Bright Star, too.

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