Hold your plums!

What? It was the name of a quiz show on the local radio at some point in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  It was on radio Merseyside and it was chock full of scousers – for those of you who weren’t here for my SCT holiday – a scouser is a colloquial term for someone from Liverpool also known as a Liverpudlian.

This quiz was on Sunday lunchtimeish and I used to listen to it at my Great Auntie Betty’s where I had my Sunday lunch at the time.

It was hosted by Billy and Wally (Wally SOUNDED quite good looking) and took place in front of a live audience.  Well liveish since it was the Sunday after the Saturday night before!

If a contestant got their questions right, often with a lot of clues there was a chance of winning something by way of a one arm bandit (a slot machine), which ‘displayed fruit’ and gave options of holding various kinds of fruit.  An example would be the machine saying…

It’s a plum!

It’s a blemon! (No, that’s not a typo)

It’s a plum!

Hold your plums!

The show had a few catchphrases funnily enough ie,

‘Hold your plums’

‘Its a blemon’

‘Give us a clue Billy!’

Anyhoo, a friend forwarded this link to me yesterday and if you only click on one link today click this one – it is the far side of hilarious!

Hold your Plums!

It kind of reminds me of a typical conversation with the mother in law, well, apart from the scouse accent and the laughter!

2 responses to “Hold your plums!

  1. I always knew you needed a passport to go to Liverpool. 😉

  2. ROTFL! Very funny.
    FTR, this Margaret lives in Florence, not Liverpool…oh, and I can name a few more European countries, too… 😀

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