Buddy has an alibi!

Lorna, over at Lorna and Micky Our-loma, suggested yesterday that Buddy may have moved home however he has an alibi for the incident in their local paper.

After Friday’s attack on the woodwork and subsequent boll… er, I mean, telling off I thought the idea of gnawing his way into the house would have permanently vacated his little doggie mind – apparently not.

Friday resulted in two bits about three inches long which could have been dealt with by a bit (well fair bit) of wood filler.

Today I left Bud in the garage at 11:50 to tootel off to armchair yoga, later than normal as I didn’t have to pick up the yogaing retired vicar due to a cold, and B, after being roused from his slumber by his mother ringing, got up earlier than usual and made his way to the garage at 14:10 due to the ‘banging noises’.  A mere two hours and 20 minutes of time in the garage (with access to the garden) and with all these toys to choose from…

Bud does this…

Here’s a close up because the above just does not do his handiwork justice…

Some days you just wanna do this…




4 responses to “Buddy has an alibi!

  1. Uh oh. And he is past the teething stage too, isn’t he. Our pup was spitting
    a tooth out about once a day until just a few days ago and has turned her teething attention to an antique walnut radio in our foyer. So far, she is just
    going after the already brittle fabric that is behind the fretwork but we
    are not happy about this constant chewing. Looks like she will be crated whenever we leave home for quite some time yet. Our pet store owner suggests these little balls with openings that you put doggie treats in for dogs that are very busy with their mouths. She said it keeps them VERY occupied. I imagine it does but it sounds a little like teasing to me as they can smell and see the treat but not quite get at it. If you did that with me using an oreo cookie, I would get quite miffed.

    • Oh, Denise we have one of those treat balls! I don’t know how Lacey would get on with one but Buddy after needing encouragment to play with it managed to get a grip on it with his teeth and started chewing it in an attempt to get the treats! No rolling around the floor in a hilarious fashion as anticipated! 😀

  2. Ha! Our dog did the same thing to our front door… admittedly after FL inadvertently locked him out after they had been out for a walk together!

  3. Our neighbors had dogs who were terrified by thunderstorms and chewed their doorjambs just like this. We’re lucky not to have pets who are spooked by weather.

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