Hair Today

How you know you have a full head of hair of a reasonable length –

Children no longer stare – girls when it was bald and boys about yay big… ooops hand gesture – about 8 to 10 when it was a number one (ie, there but very, very short).  B would chuckle and I would turn round to find a small boy or boys (in the case of two brothers when one nudged the other to look) staring.

Obviously a little confusing – ‘Why has that woman got a skinhead?’

And you no longer hear conversations like this…

Mum:  ‘…because some women don’t have hair!’

Son:  ‘But you’ve got hair!’

You have longer hair than the short haired furry animal you acquired.

You have to wipe it twice with the towel to get it dry.

You can feel the wind in it.  This feels odd the first time – you have to be walking into the wind but you can still feel it in your hair rather than a draught on your head.

However the one undeniable confirmation that you have hair is when, after months of getting up and getting dressed to go out without giving your hair a second thought you happen to glance in the mirror before you leave the house on day and… you have bed hair.  It may have only been five strands sticking out funny the first time but it was bed hair!



5 responses to “Hair Today

  1. Morning curly.
    You know, when we met you and B I didn’t even notice you were balder than Buddy! 😉

  2. Oh the little things you take for granted before MM! So happy it sounds like you once again have hair, even if it means you now have to deal with a bed head. My husband still saves by not needing shampoo:).

  3. A few wisps will lead to a few more and one day – voila! I posted a photo on my blog of a woman who has alopecia and she will never have more hair, so she tattooed flowers on her bald pate and looks quite glorious… for some it is all Attitude- you go, girl!

  4. Hooray for hair! But that looking in the mirror part CAN be a downer.

  5. i just love your perspective. your delivery (“oops, hand gesture” haha!). and mostly, that you share it all with us here. thank you!

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