When I did Friday’s post I had to check the date I started back at work.  Now I would have thought, even allowing for things like going upstairs for the shopping list for B and coming back down with the book I needed to write it, that I would have remembered such a momentous date, and then I realised… there are so many dates to remember when you get myeloma you suddenly have lots of dates to remember the day of diagnosis, the date you get told you don’t need any more chemo (although I did get a two for one there as it was also the date I ended up in hospital with shingles), stem cell harvests, stem cell transplant, the day of complete remission.

However fear not I have found a use for all these additional special dates.  When you fill a form in in a restaurant and they ask for a special date (so you get free vouchers) you have so many to choose from.

‘Mmm well our wedding anniversary is November but that’s cold so let’s put my stem cell transplant date as that was May and the weather will be better for a trip out!’


3 responses to “Dates

  1. You are so very right about dates…there are so many special, and difficult, ones to remember once myeloma enters the picture! Previously we only had to worry about birthdays and anniversaries…seems easy now!

  2. My dx date was after my birthday. So maybe I can get back to back free meals from my favorite downtown restaurants! I like where you are going with this 🙂 Dominate Transplant! -Phil

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