Yesterday’s Goo and Today’s Blood Clinic

The contents of the plastic bag yesterday started off as a Lush Massage Bar – just like this one…

Wednesday night after work I had a bath something I have been doing more and more often recently as my back has been bothering more than ‘normal’.  Possibly due to playing with Buddy and sitting at my desk working for a living.

The job I went back to on 23 August is typing residential property valuations and surveys via the internet from home – a doddle, well at least according to B it is – since he has a ‘proper’ physical job.  However I went back on full time hours (37.5) using outstanding accumulated holidays to take one or two days off a week.

‘No’ I said to my sister in law ‘it won’t be too much.  I don’t need to do a few hours a day at first and build up.  I’m taking WHOLE DAYS off instead.’  Said whole days however are used for yoga and hospital appointments which invariably include lunch and some shopping.  A missed yoga appointment being spent at home with double glazed unit installers and keeping Buddy out of the way and then tripping off to a friend’s when B got up – ohh, and after standing on a shard of glass – which later become a real pane, I mean pain!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I have found I am much more easily overwhelmed, I don’t know if that’s the right expression, it may be better explained I am less able to multi-task and am more forgetful.

I do lists – I have always done lists – but this doesn’t help – yes I know, how can a list not help, its there in black, blue and maybe even pink in a notebook but as was the case with a family and friend’s birthday in September (within days of each other) I remembered, I forgot, I remembered and wrote it down, I kind of ignored my reminder, I forgot – about a week and a half later they both got cards.

I also seem to have less time to do things – other than work!  I finish work at 18:00 or 18:30 (if I’ve had a acupuncture appointment) and then I get tea, have tea (or dinner if you’re that way inclined) and suddenly without having sat in the settee watching something crappy on the telly – it’s bedtime!  I then struggle to get up in a morning, I’ve never been a morning person, but I now seem to need more than 8 hours sleep.  However, and it is fortunate I work for home and I trust no-one from work is reading this, I have fallen asleep at my desk whilst typing more than once – you know when you just can’t keep your eyes open and if you were sitting comfortably you’d soon be dribbling out of the corner of your mouth for hours except I’m sitting with my fingers on the keyboard whilst my head lolls about like my neck’s made of rubber. Oh, and there was the Friday morning I overslept (as B got in really early – I wasn’t getting up as he came to bed) and it was 9:32 when I woke up.  Fortunately working from home meant that it was only 9:35 when I logged on.

All this sitting has also had a bit of a detrimental affect on my back which was compounded by having stood on the glass shard which produced a limp and, after having had a poke about unsuccessfully myself (because it was a sod to get to) and trying drawing ointments, I had to trust B with my foot and a sterilised sewing needle!  After three weeks of limping on and off (I know I should have done something about it sooner but I had thought I’d gotten it out myself) and sitting at my desk I have it on good authority that I looked, when I first got up from my chair, like I was auditioning for a part in a remake of Planet of the Apes – not though as any fluff headed heroine but General Urko!

I do sometimes feel at the best of times like I’m walking like I’ve had a bit of an accident after sitting in restaurant chairs for any length of time.  I have however quizzed B over this and he assures me that I still manage to pull of working ‘normally’ faultlessly.

So after all that, back to the ‘goo’, Wednesday night I went to have a bath and remembered that we got a free massage bar from Lush one time.  I had used it once but found it needed warming.  Hey, I thought, I’ll pop it on the towel rail whilst I have my bath and it will be just right for rubbing on my aching back.  Thursday afternoon I wondered what the bag of ‘goo’ was on the rail!

So far I haven’t forgotten anything too vital – the house hasn’t caught fire (although I did once switch the grill on instead of the oven), I have always come back from walking Buddy with Buddy (although on a few occasions we have had to go back for the poop scoop bag I’ve hidden in some bushes if Buddy has ‘gone’ shortly after starting the walk), I remember to lock the doors at night (actually once I’ve ACCIDENTALLY – yes it was! – bolted the garage from the inside which meant B couldn’t get in that way) and then today we went for an appointment at the Royal at 10:30.  I had had my blood taken last week, when I went for my Zometa infusion, so we thought it would be a quick appointment and it was.  It turned out that we were early, a WEEK early!

What can I say?  I got the time right and the right day of the week, just the wrong week.  So B gets to have two hours sleep next Friday morning as well – he’s thrilled!

One response to “Yesterday’s Goo and Today’s Blood Clinic

  1. Look at it this way — a bad back and a limp are ideal for a classic Halloween monster! (Do you do Halloween there?)

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