Creative Space Thursday – Halloween Buddy

Since it’s very nearly Halloween my Creative Space this week contains a suitably knitted Myeloma Buddy…

This is also sitting on my desk…

Bet you can’t guess that it is/was!

I’ll let you know tomorrow, if I remember – which in the case of the above I didn’t which is why it now looks nothing like it started off!

You can see other Creative Spaces here which  may or may not include melted things.

6 responses to “Creative Space Thursday – Halloween Buddy

  1. um, you’re right, i have no idea what that goo is! 🙂

  2. Looks like bath bomb mixture to me! I’m still having nightmares about last Christmas and my daughter’s bright idea, “I’m going to make bath bombs for everyone!” Which meant of course, “I’ll start, then get bored and leave you to it Mom.”

  3. Love the Halloween Buddy! Are you going to make some Xmas ones, too? That’s not a disinterested question, eh. 😉
    As for that photo, hmmm. I immediately thought that it looked like a poorly cut and rather messy and perhaps half melted slice of Parmesan cheese, but it has something wrapped around it, so I am not so sure. 😉

  4. Hospice just forwarded the wonderful Myeloma Buddies you sent to us. They are so special. Thank you so much.

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