Creative Space Thursday – Knitting

Today I’m knitting..

Well not at the moment as it’s a work day so Buddy is making sure that I can’t sneak away from my typing desk without him knowing about it…


6 responses to “Creative Space Thursday – Knitting

  1. You busy lady…I loved all your squares too…such a good cause..I could have never gotten that many done..

    have a great day knitting

  2. Well done Buddy. (It also means she can’t drive and take you back!)

  3. aw, buddy is keeping your feet warm. what are you making? fun colours.

    • It’s a Myeloma Buddy – they look so odd on the needles – a couple of people asked me today what I was knitting and suggested I carry a sample of the finished item as it is so hard to comprehend that it becomes a cute little doll. 😀

  4. Love the colours 🙂 Buddy looks very cute 🙂

  5. Feresa,
    I am so happy you commented on our blog because it led me to your blog. I wish I had hours to read through all your posts and am amazed at your sense of humor, wonderful attitude and talent! Your comment about our dog Milo made me laugh…a perfect commentary for what he was doing! We were able to live in Emsworth for 3 months back in 1989 with our three children and I LOVED it. Learned so much about our different words for things, a simpler way of life, walking everywhere and history galore! Praying you are well and in remission from MM! Thanks again for getting in touch with us!


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