Non Refundable Buddy

When we picked Buddy from the dogs’ home, or as a neighbour said the other day, when he picked us (since he wasn’t my first choice but I kept thinking about how when I’d squatted down to stroke him he’d put his head on my thigh and it was soooooooooooooooo sweet!) we were told that we could return him within a month if he was defective.  Unlike Marks & Spencer however we wouldn’t get our money back even though we had the receipt, we’d only get a credit note (valid for 12 months) or another doggie!  I have no idea how many returns they permit you to do.

So for four weeks B was threatening Buddy that if he didn’t behave he was going back!  And although I wouldn’t have believed it for four weeks Buddy had regard to this information and behaved very well considering all was new.  Other than the seatbelts (yes another is now nibbled) the only thing he’s chewed that wasn’t given to him (and yes things that are given are CHEWED) is cardboard, a plastic bottle and a margarine tub, all in the garage and all when he’s been left alone.  Only one item at a time and literally taking one bottle from the bag with lots in!  Maybe it was a warning.

Well last Wednesday was the last day for a credit note and obviously now he is non refundable he’s been told off severely three times in the last two days!

Yesterday we went to the post office in the car after I decided that since Bud managed to get to Auntie Ann’s on Saturday without whingeing and whining once that the more car time he got the better.

I intended to put his walking harness on (rather than the car harness) only to find when I took it off the hook, that is out of Buddy’s reach, that he’d chewed nearly through one of the restraints.  Sometimes when the harness is going on he does have a bit of a nibble but nothing that you would have anticipated causing a major issue.  I guess it all builds up!  So we had to go with the car harness which is a bit bulky but can be used as a walking harness too.

So my parcel was safely on its way and I took Bud out of the car and we went for a walk along a Linear Park that runs through the village.  It was really nice once we got to the bit with open countryside on either side and there were areas of grass at the sides of the track that were quite large in places so Bud had plenty of room for a run round which he really, really enjoyed, our usual track is quite narrow.  This may have contributed to the problem.

When we were on our way back (because I was gallivanting out with a friend) one man and his dog joined the path a short distance in front of us.  Far enough though they I didn’t anticipate a problem even though his Alsatian and Bud were both off the lead.

Buddy stopped and looked, I shouted him, he ignored me, I shouted again, he still ignored me, he started to advance towards the Alsatian, I shouted insistently, he carried on, I SHOUTED, he arrived at the Alsatian and there was a scuffle.  I have no idea who started it since Bud kind of pranced over rather than ran but who knows – I don’t want to be one of this pet owners who say – ‘No, my dog is a little sweetie, I’m sure he’ll cough your Chihuahua back up in a second.  He must have thought it was a toy!’  The Alsatian’s owner (who was much closer) seemed nonplussed, whilst I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I’d also done a bit of a run which isn’t really allowed (well if brisk walking is a no-no, jogging is probably out too, never mind a slow run).  Buddy finally came back after what seemed like forever but was probably out five seconds!

So he got told off and put on the lead.  We then had to walk slowly behind the one man and his dog to avoid further contact.  When we got back to the car and he was unceremoniously told to get in the back seat I realised on the way home how much I ‘chat’ to him.  I, of course, wasn’t speaking to him at this point.

This morning I put my Special K (milkless – I still can’t abide milk poured on cereal even nearly five months after my SCT holiday) and coffee on the lounge floor and nipped to the toilet.  Buddy followed me up and then disappeared.  I thought maybe he’s gone for the cereal.  I then thought no, he won’t touch anything on the floor unless told it’s okay – apart from advancing on a bowl of salad last week.

You guessed, I got downstairs to find he’d eaten the cereal.  So he got told off for that.

Then we went to the post office again today.  Buddy is sitting in the back seat reasonably quietly and I’m not taking any messing after the cereal fiasco.  We get to the post office.  I park on the road.  I tell Buddy to stay, Buddy jumps through to the front seat as I’m getting out and straight out after me through my door ie, into the road.

I grabbed his harness and dragged him onto the pavement as cars were coming, I had to throw my parcel, keys and purse to the floor to get the car door open and realised I’d left my door partly open in my haste.  Fortunately the driver of the rather large BMW that went past didn’t want to get his car damaged by my door. It’s a good job it was soft crochet squares in today’s parcel and this didn’t happen with yesterday’s package.

Needless to say he stayed in the back seat when we got home and stayed in the car until I told him he could get out and tonight when we went out he heeled whilst off the lead – maybe it was because B told him we could take him back anyway!



4 responses to “Non Refundable Buddy

  1. Have you ever watched “It’s me or the dog?” As you know, Stefano and I are cat people, and we don’t particularly care for dogs, but we find ourselves absolutely fascinated by this program. Victoria Stilwell is amazing. How about writing to her? Oh, if she films an episode at your house, though, will you let me know? 😉
    Her website is:
    One thing I learned from Victoria is that you cannot scold a dog unless you catch him (her) in the act. Otherwise the dog is totally confused. Yes, he will hang his head and look sorry, but that is because of your stern or angry tone of voice, not because he remembers what he did. So you can do a lot of harm there, without knowing it. You can teach dogs to do really amazing things. I had no idea. Anyway, just a thought! 🙂

    • Margaret – My Auntie Ann would certainly want a word with Victoria – if dog’s can remember the good things they can remember the bad things – not like if you tell them off for barking at the postman two hours or even two minutes ago, but if you show them a pool of wee or in our case an empty dish they remember! We’d only had Buddy a few weeks and he knew where the best walks were and would pull to go that way if we were on a night time walk and couldn’t go the good way because it’s dark and there might be boogie men! He also knows where his treats are kept and has got into the habit of touching the cupboard edge with his nose when I first get up for a treat!

      And most IMPORTANTLY he remembers not to touch my wool after attempting it once!

      I have seen a couple of Victoria’s shows and don’t think Buddy is anywhere near the class of dog on there. (Yes, madam your Chihuahua will be back up shortly!) No, she is very good!

      P ;D

  2. Dear Buddy
    You are not alone in enjoying the chewability of plastic bottles. I’m very keen on coke ones, especially if there is some still at the bottom, although she who must be obeyed isn’t keen when I spill it on the carpet.
    Love Toni x

  3. If that had been our dog, he WOULD have tried to eat the alsatian… and he would have been the one doing the shouting! Thank your lucky stars your Buddy is biddable!

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