Grand Final Giveaway – and the winner is…

Sean Tiernan from My Life with Myeloma

Sean unfortunately you only win one Myeloma Buddy as the Saints lost.  Let me know which colour you’d like – red and black?!?!?!

My Auntie Ann was indeed number 11 – which was the number on the back of her own Myeloma Buddy.

Auntie Ann arrived home from Old Trafford (where the final was held) to find a yellow piece of paper pushed through her letterbox.  When she opened it there was a computer edited photo of someone wearing a white T-shirt with the following on the back…

‘I may support a losing team but at least they’re consistent’

and underneath this it said – Never mind there’s always next year!

No sooner had AA read it than her mobile went and it was the friend she goes to the Saints with and who lives nearby.  She’d had the same thing through her door and wanted to know where Uncle Ray had watched the match as she was convinced he’d done it.

Auntie Ann said that was unlikely since he lacked the requisite computer skills to pull it off and they didn’t have any yellow paper.  However AA’s friend wasn’t convinced and thought Uncle Ray might have been in cahoots with someone who knew what they were doing – with the computer!  AA said that if he had done it he ‘wouldn’t have been able to hold his own water’ and would have been on the phone already.

AA tried to play it cool when Uncle Ray got home and after three attempts to subtly obtain information she handed him the paper and asked what he knew. Apparently nothing.  The main suspects are the daughters of a lady who knows Uncle Ray and Auntie Ann through walking the dog.  Both daughters are staunch Warrington fans so would have revelled in the final score!

I’m not convinced Auntie Ann’s friend is convinced and Uncle Ray better watch out especially since she’s never been happy that he nicknamed her two West Highland Terriers, who are a little volatile, Ronnie and Reggie (as in the Krays) and it’s caught on with fellow dog walkers!

One response to “Grand Final Giveaway – and the winner is…

  1. Wow wow and double wow!

    Iv’e actually won something….. are you sure you didn’t swap your Auntie Ann just so I could win?

    As for the colour, I don’t mind, I will leave that up to you. Surprise me!

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