Buddy ‘ell

Me:  ‘Buddy, how did this happen?’

Buddy:  ‘Well as you are fully aware I’d partly disemboweled the fluffy ball you got me and all I did was pick it up at the other end and shake it and ta da!’

Me:  ‘And are you going to tidy this up?’


4 responses to “Buddy ‘ell

  1. Uh-oh … looks like Buddy is a handful!

  2. Hey Buddy,
    Tell your mom she’s lucky not to have a carpet, that stuff clings like…..stuff on a blanket if you get my drift.
    Toni x

  3. But with such a cute face, how could you be so cruel as to ask if Buddy could clean it up… ha ha

  4. huh. glad to know i’m not the only one who hears animals speaking 😉

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