We’re gonna end up on a talk show!

Do you think B may need to tell me something in front of a live studio audience?

The very least of which is why the male contingent of the house is in cahoots against me.  I sent Buddy in to wake B up and he snuggles in for a kip!


6 responses to “We’re gonna end up on a talk show!

  1. Well, as long as it’s not the Jerry Springer show…!!!!!!!!

    My only comment today has to be: awwwwwww, adorableeeeee!!!!!! 😀

  2. “Aww that’s my daddy” – how sweet is that. So cute!

  3. My reader showed this as “We’re gonna end up on a tal…” and my brain thought “talent show”! Do they sing and dance too?

  4. Now that is too cute! When our Sophie was still around, I said to Tim once, “you treat that dog better
    than you treat me.” He said, “I warned you not to get a dog.” It’s looking like history is going to repeat itself
    ‘cept I am allowed on the furniture. Oh and he doesn’t call me a pain in the arse….to my face. 😉

  5. Matching shell suits and Jeremy Kyle here we come?

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