I’m not as happy as I used to be

I know this because B informed me of it today!

B works nights but had to go into work this morning for his stage 2 grievance meeting over his salary.  Long story but when the distribution part of the company he worked for got outsourced 2 1/2 years ago he was TUPE transferred to the new company.  However when he changed sites his salary was reduced to their new starter rate – okay because he works nights with shift allowance we are no worse off but no-one told him that this would happen.

So two years ago he put in his grievance with the union and it’s taken until today to sort it out – when he accepted a one off payment which will amount to £400 which is obviously a bit short of the difference between his original basic pay and his current one but he’s reasonably satisfied.  However the union guy pointed out that B couldn’t take it any further ie, to a tribunal because the whole process had taken too long and there is a time limit for tribunals!

I jokingly said that obviously it was my fault – because of the MM he had other things on his mind than his grievance and the onsite union rep was as much use as a chocolate fire guard.  B of course said that he didn’t hold me responsible for the delay – it was one of those things.  Then, and I can’t quite remember why, he said that I must prefer the ‘old Paula’.  I enquired as to what he meant by that and did he prefer the ‘old Paula’ – thinking he meant how more physically fit I was.  Nooooooooooooooooooo, it turned out I used to be happier.

B won’t/can’t elaborate on this.  I told him it may have something to do with the fact that him waking me up when he comes to bed in a morning doesn’t help my morning mood any – apparently he doesn’t wake me up – I’m awake!  I beg to differ – I only wake up when he shuts the laundry drawer and then starts telling me about what he bought at Tesco or other such delights.  He then wonders why I don’t remember some of the stuff he tells me – TELL ME WHEN I’M WIDE AWAKE – it might possibly help!

This morning because he got to leave early so he could get some sleep before going back for 11:00 – I was allegedly awake when he came to bed at 03:00 AM – AM – I can however confirm that I was sound asleep until somebody started complaining about Buddy who had jumped onto the bed being pressed against him.  Buddy who is an even sounder sleeper than me barely moved when I attempted to pull him closer to me.  When B still complained Buddy took the hint and lay at the bottom of the bed and it turned out too close to B’s feet.  Now B obviously whispered to Bud to move – yeah right!  Then he woke me up when he got up to get the lavender oil out to put on his pillow – I apparently was awake again – strange how whilst sleeping soundly I suddenly know I need to wake up just at the moment my husband is asking me where the lavender is.

I was apparently awake the next time he spoke when he wanted some more lavender – I am of the opinion that I was sleep walking my way to the bathroom for a bit of peace!  Then I woke up again just as he decided to go downstairs and sleep on the settee as he needed some sleep and couldn’t nod off in bed – now I know this is a bit of a radical idea but maybe that was because SOMEONE was talking and tossing and turning!

THEN when his alarm went off and he was up before me (possibly because I forgot to set mine) he came back upstairs for a wash and I very kindly I thought considering, offered to make him some toast and coffee (as he was going to an important meeting) and five minutes later he was pointing out that I couldn’t make it from the bed!

Now I only need to clock on for work at 9:30 and have to walk as far as the small back bedroom to do it – B was going at at 9:45 and it was 8:20.

So when I dragged myself out of bed in a strop, stepping on my sore foot in my strop (when we had some double glazed units replaced on Tuesday I managed to get a shard of glass in my foot) he’d decided to take my mobile (which I use as an alarm) downstairs – now I know this is only a small thing but by this time I felt the need to ask why.  B didn’t know!  I need it for work and have enough trouble finding it when I put it down.

When he got back from his meeting I had to make him lunch, because a salmon sandwich is to complicated.  He then took Bud to the vets on his own and went back to bed when he got home.

Because I had been for an Indian Head Massage this morning as part of a friend’s birthday present I had to work until 18:30 to make my time up. Despite feeling like I could sleep for a week I took Bud for a walk/limp when I clocked off.  When I got back and was headed up stairs to change my trousers, because I got them wet, B asked me if I could get his tea – like I’d forgotten!

And he wonders why I’m not as happy as I used to be!  Maybe it’s because my super powers to do everything effortlessly are affected by not getting sufficient sleep!  (Or maybe as a friend pointed out just it’s because I’ve put my foot down and refuse to deal with his mother anymore!)

5 responses to “I’m not as happy as I used to be

  1. Yep – lack of sleep makes me cranky too! Although my other half tells me that it’s a permanent state of mind with me (he’s charming, right?) … might have something to do with his snoring or that he talks in his sleep …yawn!

  2. Ha! This is so familiar! 2am – crash, clatter, trip, thud – “what are you doing?” – eh? go to sleep you shouldn’t be awake, “but you woke me up!” – nonsense you were awake already. I am looking for my golf score card, “at 2am?” – naturally! now go to sleep and mind your own business, woman!
    6am – crash, clatter, trip, thud – “NOW what?” – eh? Found it. It was in my shirt pocket all the time. Go to sleep, woman!

  3. Yep! I’m beginning to think that seperate bedrooms sounds like a real good idea. Tim and I are waking each other up way too much and we’re both suffering due to lack of sleep. I’ve adapted to the sleep deprivation pretty much(I think, though I missed the turn driving Olivia to school twice this week) but Tim is a MAJOR grouch when he is too tired. Even the dog gets barked at by him.

  4. Nice to have someone who tells you how you feel, isn’t it? My two children are experts at it.

  5. Don’t worry, according to Mike, it’s the carers who are the miserable ones. Only those who laugh a lot get myeloma.

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