Buddy’s Bedding

Okay hands up who really thought I was going to buy a bed sheet so that Buddy’s duvet matched ours!  I will admit that the thought briefly crossed my mind and there is probably a market out there for that but his main duvet ended up being covered in some material I’d bought for a dress but realised it was way too sheer!  It would have made a nice blouse but I don’t do blouses.

So the finished basket duvet measured 104cm x 133.  Since he likes giving his bedding the occasional rumpage and does that twirly thing until I go dizzy (apparently this comes from when dogs needed to flatten grass to lie on – or so I am led to believe) I decided to not fold the duvet over and make a smaller cover.

We are having some new double glazed units installed today so Buddy is more like my shadow that usual, and he is dog tired after our long walk this morning which had the aim of making him sleep through the installation.  This hasn’t proved to work and although he is very friendly with the installers, one of whom he met on his first night here, he won’t settle as there is just too much going on and allsorts of interesting noises that keep disturbing him.

So when I put his freshly laundered duvet cover on the floor to photograph it – he rightly pointed out that it was his and he was having a kip.

The remnant of the ‘spare’ duvet was used to make a cushion for the lounge floor.  I used a piece of fleece that I’d had hanging about for a while and which I had used when I got back from my SCT holiday when I needed to snuggle and nod off on the settee – it’s had a fair bit of washing and has gone a bit bobbly but I thought it would do for a temporary measure.

This measures 80cm x 62cm and is a double thickness

and get a load of the designer buttons

which obviously came off a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans.  Ohhhhhhhhh!  Well to be honest I got them from TK Maxx and they weren’t technically jeans in the denim sense but made from linen and although I loved the fit and worn them a lot (which may have been the problem) the fabric didn’t last long at all – I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price for them.  I also got a pair of simple drawstring top linen trousers at the same time from a CK outlet shop and again loved these (even though I had to take about a foot off the length as they were 27″ waist and about 53″ leg!).  However the same thing happened the linen fabric just wasn’t durable which may explain why the ended up in discount shops!


2 responses to “Buddy’s Bedding

  1. Buddy looks right at home there! My dog also won’t sleep, however tired, when there’s someone more interesting than me in the house. Is the floor cushion also for Buddy???!!! (I’m thinking he may adopt it anyway if gven half a chance!)

  2. Buddy is one lucky doggie to have such a big bed…..and thanks so much for visiting me today and for the vote with the little bit of onry on the side…lol…always enjoy your company…
    and have a great day,


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