That time of the month again!

No, not that – I’ve kind of forgotten what that was after my SCT – I’ve been a bit worried about becoming prune like.  All these older menopausal women take HRT to keep their young appearance – no-one’s offered me this!  But it’s alright I found out today at Armchair Yoga that keeping your head lower than your heart increases the supply of oxygenated blood to the facial skin (it also improves the blood supply to the brain but that’s by the by).  I also used to worry about varicose veins, so I also need to keep my feet above my heart.  Mmmmm, well this could get interesting!

Anyhoo back to the real reason for this post.  Remember back in August when we were all voting for the Myeloma Survivor car at NASCAR 2010? Well we all did so well with that voting that Myeloma Survivor has made it into the next round – THE SEMI FINAL.  So again, no loose change is required but one click a day for the next 15 days and we have the opportunity of raising awareness of Multiple Myeloma at NASCAR 2010!

Well looky here, what a coincidence, here’s a link to that very site…Myeloma Survivor

Thanks for clicking – you don’t even have to register – but there is a little gnome that checks things and he knows which computer has voted that day and there’s no fooling him into letting you vote twice in one day.  Ahhh, modern techgnomeogy!


3 responses to “That time of the month again!

  1. Sometimes, one CAN distract the gnome with vegetables and dip, but one has to vote quickly while he’s away!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to “vote” and I always get a kick out of your posts. Will spend the rest of the day on a slant board trying to reverse the processes of aging.

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