Here’s Buddy!


Now those of you who come here via MM may have just taken a sharp intake of breath at our choice of name.  I checked that Beth didn’t mind our preferred choice in light of her own Buddy’s demise – we had three Boo, Sniffler (because of the kennel cough) and Buddy – which B had mentioned last Sunday – after the Myeloma Buddies.

Despite saying puppy about 5,463 times last Sunday while we tidied/cleared out the garage to make it ‘puppy’ safe, eg, ‘Where’s the puppy’s lead/water dish/basket going to go?, we got an 18 month old DOG!  Why?  Because, even though he’s got the dog equivalent of a snotty nose and he smelled, well actually he STUNK, I truly thought my heart would break if we left him in the Dog’s Home despite B having picked him!

I don’t know where our week’s holiday has gone – I didn’t get to the Black Sheep wool shop I heard about on Monday or the chinese restraurant I heard about on Tuesday.  Instead it’s been walkies, poop scooping, snotty nose wiping, fussing and playing – and that’s just with B –  I’ve had to do the same again with Buddy.

So far we’ve bought…

Walking harness


Car harness

Chew toy x 2

Ball (because how cute would he look chasing a ball round the garden (Buddy not B) – I don’t know how cute he’d look because it popped within two seconds)

Stainless steel bowls x 4

Dog treats x I’ve lost count – and I found out today that you can pick and mix dog treats – it was so fun and you get to pick them into a BUCKET – if we can find a sweet shop that lets B do this he’d be in heaven

Basket x 2 – we had to take the first one back because it was too big – because we didn’t know how to respond to the question in the shop ‘How does he sleep?’  In case your curious, he sleeps with his eyes closed!

Laundry basket – What! He needs his own little laundry disposal in the garage for his towels when he gets wet

And so far I’ve made…

One little duvet for his basket and another is underway for the floor – I haven’t done covers yet.  Now I’m generally able to pull crafting material out of thin air so B hasn’t actually asked where the stuff for Buddy’s duvet has come from.  It’s not his ‘department’ to question this type of thing and it’s just as well.  The raw materials for Buddy’s duvet came from a spare single duvet we just happened to have lying around following the departure of the spare single bed – hey, it’s okay is not like we now need to get a sofa bed for the m-i-l because apparently she doesn’t want to be introduced to Buddy!

I saw some lovely bedlinen for our bed today whilst out getting another two bowls for Buddy and attempting to get some curtain lining.  The duvet cover from Marks & Spencer we got after by SCT holiday is non-iron which apparently means you don’t have to feel guilty that it looks like it’s not been ironed.  ‘Yes, it’s non-iron so that crumpled look is how it’s supposed to look!’.  I was thinking I could get an extra sheet and make Buddy a matching duvet cover!  How cute would that be?  WHAT!

7 responses to “Here’s Buddy!

  1. OMIGOD!!! Over AND around the bend…. but a very cute addition to the family…

  2. Buddy’s cute! That’s how we got our 2 collies some eleven years ago – just couldn’t bear to leave them at the shelter. Buddy’s obviously not a compulsive chew monster – my two devoured any and all bedding given to them for years, so the idea of buying an extra sheet seems a bit weird to me – but Kit would have shredded it in seconds! Have fun with your new best friend!

  3. Well you already know Toni’s history with toys, I firmly believe they deliberately make those chew toys so they rip within a minute. I’m so pleased that you too now know the joys of parfum de wet dog! I decided that all Mike’s green towels were the best ones to use for drying! 😉

  4. Buddy is adorable! What kind of training do you want to do? Do you think you might try agility or anything like that?

    I posted another picture of my new collie. 🙂 Go look!

  5. Aw, Buddy is a jewel! And it’s so sweet that you’re so excited, planning things for him. . . .

  6. What a handsome boy! I love the name. Just perfect and much more macho
    for B to yell across the dog park/yard than Boo or Sniffler. Isn’t it amazing how much STUFF you have to buy? I’m hoping the toy investment means Lacey will spare my sofas but I’m not betting on it. My flip flops’ days are numbered. :o/

  7. do you agree with the statement that dogs are like babies who never grow up? in relation to the amount of work and attention they need, that is — and maybe all the STUFF we end up getting them! 🙂

    buddy’s cute. all settled well into the new home now, i’m sure…

    and your post reminded me that we used to have marks & spencers here in canada, but they closed shop a long while ago. i liked how you could get clotted cream right next to the pillows, and such.

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