Creative Space Thursday Addendum

We’ve been on holiday this week.  Yes, both of us.  I went back to work the Monday we came back from our holidays.  I forgot to tell my Auntie Ann until last weekend!  It’s not as dramatic as it sounds and considering the time I’ve had to prepare it all seemed a bit of a rush.  I have a number of holidays left from last year and this year, excluding the brief period I worked 12 hours from February until my SCT holiday in May, so will be working three or four days a week until Christmas.

So on our last official day off, what are we going to do – nothing well, except go out for tea to a friend’s.  This morning we went for the results of B’s barium x-ray – it’s definitely piles and he’s going for a colonoscopy to check the lining of his innards shows no irritation and the BIG (apparently) piles banded in November so the doc can charge more – just kidding – although helicopters are expensive!  This afternoon I intend to attempt to sleep through most of it, this tiredness being my reason for forgetting to add my tag information for the Share a Square squares on yesterday’s post – thanks, to Fiona for reminding me, especially since it took me ages to come up with what I put on my tags.  So here it is…

Life brings us challenges, let this one give you the knowledge that you can do ANYTHING!

Made with love, a hug and a smile by Paula Kilgallon, Rainford, St Helens, England

And why am I so tired you may be wondering, or not but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Well last night at 3:00am (AM!!!!!) I, rather than catching up with my beauty sleep was stifling hysterical laughter as I collapsed on the bed after the newly put up curtain fell off – all because I tried to open the window because I was warm.  Why was I warm?  Well if you insist!  I’d spent the last half hour cleaning up a bit of a puddle that the newest member of the Kilgallon household had made.  This being the first time he’d messed in the house – oh, and it had to be on the only bit of carpet that we have which is on the stairs and landing.  Everywhere else is laminate, lino or tiles!  This followed along the same lines as the previous night of B waking me up by telling the new family member to ‘Get back in your basket’ about 20 times an hour with no consideration that I could have happily slept through him not being in his basket!

Tomorrow when I am as ‘fresh as a daisy’ – I intend to introduce you to our new addition.

3 responses to “Creative Space Thursday Addendum

  1. Can’t wait for a picture!!!! Yes, I took up the only area rugs I have in the house except the one at the front door. Sure enough,
    that one is hanging outside now after being scrubbed AGAIN since Miss Trouble has “watered” it twice!!! Good luck with the new addition!!!

  2. Now I understand, the new arrival is to keep B warm when you are busy working and not there! Mike suggests “Mutt” by the way.

  3. I suspected this was coming after your remarks to Tim’s Wife and the only reason I haven’t been infected by the NP bug is that I leave for South America in 48 hours… enjoy that new addition and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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