Barium x-ray

We go imminently for B to have his Barium x-ray.  Now I’ll pretty sure, well actually I am completely positive, that if it was me I would want the radiographer to be  a woman, a woman older than me, and most essentially a woman older than me with a much bigger backside.

So following this logic I would anticipate B to want an older man who hadn’t exercised in a number of years.  Is this what he’s looking for in a radiographer?  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  He wants cute, young, totty!  I mean he has got a bum that fills his pants out nicely but really!


4 responses to “Barium x-ray

  1. Ha!!! This reminds me of Tim’s “Great balls of fire” episode during transplant. I swear I saw the slightest little smirk on his face when he found out a female nurse was gonna have to check it out. My brother-in-law had a check-up done by a woman doctor a few years ago. She asked him to “drop trou” so she could inspect his thing. He happily obliged. I have NEVER heard of this before besides the old “turn your head and cough” deal to check for hernias but NO this woman did a thourough inspection and we don’t even know what she was looking for. Skin cancer? A date? Who knows? My brother-in-law never asked but probably would have kept up on yearly physicals if she had not left the practice. Maybe monthly ones!

  2. Men. Sheesh.

  3. If having a woman proctologist would increase a certain man’s willingness to see a doctor on a regular basis, how could that be bad? My SO recalls his experience as something done during a physical for entrance into the service… his remarks cannot be reprinted here… so he goes as seldom as he can possibly get away with. Who knows if he’s ever going to be lucky enough to find one like Denise tells us about.

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