I am a Winner!

Hey what can I say, I entered 7 things in the local ‘village’ show and 6 won something!

CROSS STITCH – 1st & 2nd

Mirabillia Autumn Queen – Let’s have a close up of the little lady…

Donna Kooler – Carousel Horses in Cross Stitch – Whirlwind September

KNITTING – 1st & 3rd

Stole in tweed stitch with knit on border

2nd was a child’s aran jacket

Here’s what the Victoria sponge knitting became – a friend has already pulled her face at the colour choice – she’s very traditional about babies and pale colours.  I pointed out that although I like the colour choice I started in on Monday when I started feeling better after the stomach upset and had to use what I had in as I would have used more cream in the lacy bit but beggars can’t be choosers.

CROCHET – 1st & 3rd

I am so proud of this because it is my own pattern.  Basically because necessity is the mother of invention.  I went online to find a pattern last night and the laptop threw a wobbler so at 22:30 I had to decide whether to cobble something together myself or carry on fiddling with the computer.  Fortunately I went with the cobble option.  We had to make a special trip with the cupcake this morning and I think it won because I requested that B kiss is before it left the car!  A lady wants me to make her one – she collects cupcakes and would like a chocolate one crocheted.

It as so weird – in a pleasant way – standing there whilst people said how much they liked it without knowing it was mine.

2nd was a crochet hat with a little flower attached.

Some of my Share a Square squares.  I took about 25 last night but wasn’t able to arrange them at the time so I left five in a little fan shape so they could be moved over to their judging position.

Here’s the little lonely square that didn’t win a bean – bit I still love it.

And I jointly won the Nevins Limited Silver Trophy for most points in the Handicrafts Section.  I get six months with it and then have to give it back.  When the joint winner pointed out that she had won it for the last two years I said she was welcome to keep it for the full 12 months if it had left a gap on her sideboard.  She said no I was welcome to do what she had with it, when she got over the disappointment that it was a tray and not a trophy, and that was stick it on top of a cupboard and fill it with junk – no sour grapes there then.  I have nailed it to the front of the house with a sign so big it can be seen from the moon!

Other highlights of the show were cabbages that were about three times the size of my head, parsnips and leaks about the same height as me (no they just seemed that way, they are about three feet long however), wellies and a TV filled with plants, a divine looking baked blackberry cheesecake, a two foot high junk sculpture plaster of paris type mushroom and a gorgeous needlepoint dining room chair seat (not by me).

It’s just as well I now have  a tray to prove I am a fine upstanding member of the community as I may need to produce it at the local police station later.  My Auntie Ann has gone to the potentially last (potentially because there may be a home based play-off) game of the Saints in their old stadium.  They have played there for 120 years.  My Auntie Ann has attended the last 46ish years.  When we left her house this afternoon I told her to do her utmost not to get arrested (bit of role reversal there, surely she should be telling me) for causing a breach of the peace or by chaining herself to her seat, a gate, a player, etc.  Should it hit the news, internationally probably, we don’t know who she is – I’ve decided I can’t risk loosing the tray!

11 responses to “I am a Winner!

  1. Absolutely amazing! Not the fact you had won, with your skills, you could hardly lose. Well done x

  2. Oh well done you !! such beautiful crafts here. How clever you are, you must be so pleased. I bet B is very proud too. How well you are looking in the photo – I am so very pleased.
    PS I love the dark ruby red dress – so ‘now’ for Babes,especially dark haired ones x

  3. So talented. Congratulations! Love the idea of a tray instead of a trophy.

  4. Wow, Paula, I am sooo impressed. And that lovely cross stitch queen…why, it’s something right out of a Jane Austen novel (one of my favorite authors!!!)!
    Congratulations…lovely things you have there = all first prizes, in my opinion. 😀

  5. See – no one is amazed at your creativity and skills… we’re all just tickled that someone else has noted it and given you your just rewards!! Congrats!!

  6. Congratulations! The Autumn Queen is beautiful with such fine detail.

  7. Magnificent! I hope you are full to bursting with pride in yourself.

  8. Wot – no cabbages?! Aw – I only came here to look at pictures of prize-winning vegetables!
    Well done!!!

  9. I bow to your skills! Congratulations on your wins … well deserved, every doggone one 🙂

  10. Wonderful: You deserve to have the tray for the full year. My knitting crochet skills are limited but can manage if it is simple. This should give your immune system a big boost. I see your hair is peeking out. Mine is fully restored. Someone I have not seen for a while said “Did you go out and get a new head of hair?” trying to be funny (she did not know I had lost mine) and when I said “as a matter of fact I did” she did not know what to say. So I hope yours turns out really well. Congrats on the wonderful results at the show…

  11. they are all just lovely…congrats on your wins.it almost like christmas at your house…heheheh! you lucky lady.,..and thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments on my son in laws deployment…

    so very kind of you to stop for a visit…take good care


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