We are engaging in a modified lifestyle plan

It includes the following…





this is to be combined with






Inches from



I may have suspected this was necessary when I had to buy a pair of size 14 trousers to take on holiday.  I think the equivalent size in the States is about 357!  And then I found this…

That was July 2007!  Let’s take a shufty at August 2010 – don’t panic or reach for the sick bag I have more clothes on…

I am now off to eat a someting to cheer me up – ohhhhhhhhhhhhh no I can’t do that now, I know I’ll go and kick Bernard instead  – that should do the trick!

7 responses to “We are engaging in a modified lifestyle plan

  1. average Uk female is a size 16. You are therefore THIN. Be fit but don’t get skinny – its not good for you!

  2. Thanks for the smile this morning – loved it!

  3. I doubt any of us could post photos made 3 years apart and not be much happier with one than the other. The most important part is the smile!!

  4. Who cares what size you are… your hair is growing back… that’s much more important. Mike says if you are going to diet then he needs to get back to his 32″ waist, as for me, well you make me look like Dawn French. 😦

  5. I agree that wearing a smile is the adornment that everyone looks for… when you feel ready for the D & E, then go for it. Or does raising the leg for aim at B count?

  6. If I knew that kicking significant others cured craving fattening foods, Tim would be bruised from head to toe. You’re not alone, P.
    I haven’t been able to wear my skinny jeans in 4 years and I have now grown out of my “somewhat slender” jeans too. This perimenopause stuff is the pits! This little puppy has no idea yet, but she’s part of my exercise plan. So far the only thing that
    has gotten thinner though is my wallet. (sigh)

  7. Thanks for visitng my place today….i think you are just beautiful…and its kind weird you come to me..I have fears of gettng melenomya…..I have been reading thru you space for about a hour…I will be back to visit you…please visit me again soon too..

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