Letter to the Editor

My sister in law, Gill, rang yesterday to ask had I seen an article in the Reporter, one of our local free newspapers, as it happened I hadn’t.

A young woman is having a fund raising event for Myeloma UK in tribute to her mother who died in 2006.  At first I thought Gill was going to suggest we went and then the penny dropped – it was hu-ga (I still have no idea how to spell it, okay, and I haven’t had chance to use it anywhere else yet, so you’re getting it again).

The young woman’s mother was the wife of my nephew’s rugby union coach and Gill emphasised that she hadn’t had the treatment I had. Apparently Gill gave a donation in lieu of attending last time as the event can be very emotional.  I had been oblivious of this previously but obviously it musn’t have appeared in the local paper before!

After reading the article I wrote a letter to the editor – well actually, I emailed via their website but that doesn’t sound the same!

Dear Sir

The above article relating to myeloma contained the following sentence which, although interesting, has no relevance to myeloma –

Bone tumors occur most commonly in children and adolescents and are less common in older adults.

Kind regards’

I think I may have been a tad snippy – I may as well have signed it ‘Disgusted Rainford!’ since I wasn’t travelling down to Tunbridge Wells to send it!


2 responses to “Letter to the Editor

  1. Keep settin’ ’em straight… one day they’ll realize it’s easier to write the facts instead of making them up and having to deal with you!!!

  2. We’ll handle the battle with the ‘beast.’ All they need do is get their facts straight…. I’m right behind you….

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