Creative Space Thursday

This week for I managed an almost arty shot…

It’s just a bit of a sod that the rest of the room looks like this…

The above box is filled with my yarn index (oooohhhhhhh) which has lots of little cards like the following…

I started doing photos and listing the yarn on Ravelry but it’s just not the same as touching something!  So each card has a sample of the yarn, the weight and if known, the manufacturer (other than sheep or crylics), type, composition, tension and needle size.  Oh, and the little PV in the top right means that because the yarn is variegated a sample is also attached to a card in that section, but only a sample and a reference to Pink no other information.  Why the duplication I hear you ask, well I heard B ask it but I don’t expect anyone here to glaze over like he did when I explained.  It’s so I don’t have to either duplicate reduction in yarn amounts on both cards or more likely set my heart on something only to find out I hadn’t duplicated the information and there is no more Sirdar Hug (50% wool, 50% polyester) that knits to a tension on 13sts x 17 rows over 10cm on 8mm needles left!


4 responses to “Creative Space Thursday

  1. I think my eyes perled over and the ears tried their best to put all this information together, but not being a knitter like you, I can only say “I am impressed…” It all seems remarkably well organized to me.

  2. I’m with B on this one….lol x

  3. Um – you need an index? How big IS this stash of yours, eh?!
    Very impressed by organisation levels though!

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