Holiday Knitting

Here’s my holiday knitting so far.

Two baby jumpers based on the five hour cardigan pattern but adapted to be jumpers but still on two needles.  I don’t really do circulars unless I have to because I’m a tucker ie, I knit with my right hand needle tucked under my arm so as you can imagine circulars don’t flow.  I’ve tried holding my yarn with my left hand but a toddler could go faster!  I really must time myself to see if it is achievable in five hours – which obviously translates as to see if I can do it faster.  ‘Look B I know the weather is gorgeous but I’m no target to get this finished in four hours and 56 minutes!’

Two Share a Square squares from a new ball of yarn not yet from the recycled cardigan.  I wasn’t too sure how these would turn out, particularly the pale yellowy and purple bit that looks like the suggestion of fairisle when knit but I’m happy with it

And lastly my Summer in Kansas shawl which I’ve decided to enter into the local ‘village’ show in early September – no pressure there then.


4 responses to “Holiday Knitting

  1. suddenexpression

    Can’t wait to see the finished shawl! I love your other projects, and I’ve not succeeded in holding the yarn in my left hand either, so don’t feel bad. Found you by searching knitting on WordPress.

  2. The summer shawl looks a bit small… have you lost that much weight? (ha ha) I wish I could knit with either my left or my right… tucked or not. It would take me ALL of a vacation to get 16 rows done.

  3. I have tried SO many times to hold the yarn in my left hand, but simply cannot do it. So a thrower I shall remain.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Do as I do and wrap the wool around middle finger of right hand…. then just straighten finger to “flick” over needle for each stitch…..much quicker

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