Modern Technology

In 1969 NASA managed to talk to men on the moon.  In 2010 I can’t get reliable mobile broadband reception on the same planet!

I managed to get reception briefly on Wednesday whilst performing contortions a Chinese circus performer would have been proud of, stopping just short of dangling anything out of the window.

Today B suggested, after stopping once for a comfort break (how quaint is that – it sounds so much better than ‘to go to the toilet’), that a better idea than trying to get reception when we stopped for lunch was for me to try whilst he was driving.

Now I’ve had a bit of a week with technology, Opera threw a diva strop and went on strike, Firefox refused to cross the picket line, Chrome was on some sort of work to rule and Safari might as well have been on one.  Internet Explorer kept throwing a wobbler earlier in the year so I’d dismissed it for gross misconduct and had no way of/or desire to reinstate it.   On top of this I kept getting error messages when attempting to post a comment on blogger blogs and their help was no use.

Therefore before we left on Wednesday I gave the laptop a stern talking to, sacked Opera and Firefox and polished up Chrome.

So following B’s suggestion I sat with the laptop sliding across my lap, no proper keyboard because it was in a suitcase, having to use the built in mouse because I had no where to put the real one and B deciding that after not needing to talk when I was knitting it was essential whilst I was laptop juggling and trying to send a coherent message.  Oh, he also decided when not talking to sing along to the CD with the occasional thigh tapping, his own not mine, because mine was full of laptop.

After all that the signal kept dropping thus I ended up losing knitting time and sending one of the messages from our lunchtime eatery after all, then the battery in the laptop went before I could send the second one.

However we arrived at our new B&B and I plugged in the laptop, turned round and they have WiFi!  Yay!  Then no Yay, the code didn’t work.  Doh!  However due to the fact that we are so high up I could get a nosebleed, the house is on a hill and we are in the attic, the reception on the mobile broadband is fantastic!

The view out of the window in front of me is pretty good too…


One response to “Modern Technology

  1. Dear me, after all that thigh-slapping you’d think the various providers would be terrorized into doing their jobs! Glad to hear you have a lovely view… enjoy your journey!

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