Successful Sewing and So So Knitting

This particular dress was the one I got stuck in because it was too small – but with the aid of another strip of fabric down the back which ends with the sunflowers in full bloom it fits.  Actually fit fitted too well with bits a bit too loose so I added two lots of elastic at the back across the width of the additional panel.  It must have worked quite well because it got complimented by people I don’t know.  When we went to the Royal just over a week ago the phlebotomist said how nice it was and then today the young lady serving B asked where I had got it from.  When I informed her I’d made it, she asked if I could make her one as she’d not come across anything like it in the shops.  I may have trouble squeezing my head through the door when I leave the room.

Or then again maybe not…

What can I say the yarn looked really nice as a Buddy so I decided to make myself a cropped cardigan in it.  It looks much better on the mannequin.  It kind of looks big on me whilst making me look big in it!  I thought about redoing the sleeves and making the shoulder seam shorter but it’s too big under the arms too.  Fortunately it’s just the right weight yarn for Share a Square squares.

4 responses to “Successful Sewing and So So Knitting

  1. Fab dress! I do wish you would model them though!

  2. That dress IS great! The sweater looks lovely, too … but I understand what you mean about it looking better on the mannequin. That happens to me often!

  3. both are lovely and unique.

  4. I really like the dress — and the colors in the cardigan are wonderful!

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