With a husband like this who needs a fancy man?

Yesterday I commented on the blog of a lady who has recently come home following her stem cell transplant.  Her post was about how she would change as a result of this and MM, the old and the new.  My comment was kind of about how it’s the potential to do things that goes AWOL – like I’ll never be able to climb Mount Everest (disregarding the waiting list) due to the physical input involved on my part.  It’s highly unlikely even at my fittest that I would have even contemplated it anyway – but I could have done.  However there are ways round things – I really shouldn’t run for a bus but I passed my driving test in March so now I don’t need to.  And of course there’s the fact that assembling IKEA furniture isn’t quite the same but we got shelves in the end.  You adapt and survive, semper fi, who dares wins (either SAS or Trotter style), woo rah and all that and then this morning…

I opened my sleepy little eyes this morning just after 10:00, which is late for me,  B was already awake, not out of bed I would point out, but awake.

B:  ‘You’ve had a long sleep.’ (I’d gone to bed about 0:10.)

Me:  ‘Why, what time is it?

B:  ’10:10 but you did do a lot yesterday.’

Me:  ‘Not that much really.’

B:  ‘Well not compared to what the old Paula would have done, but enough for now.’

Me:  Well, what I said isn’t really suitable for public consumption.

*  Whilst I was checking a motto I came across this one which I just couldn’t keep to myself

“DON’T RUN, YOU’LL JUST DIE TIRED” – JFK Center for Special Warfare, Sniper School, Ca 1976

2 responses to “With a husband like this who needs a fancy man?

  1. Probably a good idea to warn B to simply remove the word “old” from his vocabulary when addressing or referring to you… it’s in the interest of his continuing survival, doncha think?

  2. I’ve heard that quote before. It’s a good one.

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