Look at my New Keys

Okay you go on SCT ‘holiday’ and mislay your keys.  So your husband finally decides its finally time to get new keys since they are highly unlikely to turn up because you have now emptied the drawers they could have slipped into including your draws drawer.  You even get a new keyring…

Bart’s not gonna take his eyes of these keys – you can see he is already getting a little hot under the collar from the pressure.

The strange thing is that apart from the two front doors keys which we decided against getting for two reasons, B wasn’t too sure from his keyring which was the inner porch and the shop was closing in less than five minutes, I had about 10 keys on my old key ring – but now have no idea what on earth they were for!

One response to “Look at my New Keys

  1. How old was that keyring? On my birthday there are a couple of things I do… schedule a physical, an eye exam, get a facial AND a pedicure all in the same day, and review … which includes asking myself (as I have a passle of keys as well) do I still need this… this coat, this pair of shoes, this whatever… and check to see if I know what the keys are for.

    My SO had a key drawer when I joined up with him and one day we sat down to go through it. It turned out to be an afternoon of stories as he told me about the keys for the cars (which he no longer had and therefore had no use for the keys to it) and which he was unwilling to dispose of. Or is it “of which he was unwilling to dispose?” Anyhow, I think he still has the lot of them and I don’t… I know where all my keys go to unlock something, but I don’t have the key to the door to the future – do you?

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