Maybe I should alert the authorities!

I regularly run my beady eye over my spam comments as once a REAL comment got spammed.  This is one of my recent ones in relation to a post entitled ‘Where’s the week gone?’

HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia xyzrxyz penis enlargement xyzrxyz and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. xyzrxyz penis enlargement xyzrxyz They’re coming back now. xyzrxyz vimax xyzrxyz Please send help! nitip vimax

I dropped the links since I’m sure no one needed to follow them!


3 responses to “Maybe I should alert the authorities!

  1. No need to alert the authorities. A couple of months ago, my blog began receiving TONS of Spam messages, similar to this one. Before June, I was receiving only a few every day…no big deal. Now I get at least 30 Spam comments a day…hmmm, probably more than that. Like you, I go through them all (sigh), since some real comments occasionally get spammed. Annoying!

  2. I have two blogs. The one using WordPress always gets SPAM messages, the Blogger one never does. It’s annoying to say the least, but how can we save the Russian Mafia prisoner by letting spam messages get through? Will they read them to be sure they were accepted and then let the poor sod go? It’s probably a conspiracy by Blogger to get rid of WordPress… but I like my two choices for different reasons.

  3. Sandy, I think you might be right about the Blogger conspiracy – I sometimes can’t leave comments on Blogger blogs with my WordPress ID it throws a wobbler – maybe we should alert the authorities about this instead! 😀

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