Creative Space Thursday

Well here’s mine looking slightly more organised than last week

Not too sure now about all my craft books in the same place, they seem to take up a lot of room – doh!

My new table is huge and has plenty of room for cutting out dressmaking material.  B needed a hand off Uncle Ray to get the table top upstairs.

The curtains are currently deciding whether they want to be free hanging or tied back – they are so indecisive at the moment!

My lounge is now wool free apart from when I’m in it and I didn’t have to resort to storing wool in the bath tub.


2 responses to “Creative Space Thursday

  1. Can you come over here and do this for my space? You are a wonder, truly! I cannot wait to see what you create in that lovely space next.

  2. the bathtub! why didn’t i think of that! to the yarn shop, i do have room afterall 😉

    and also, i’d like to have a peek at your craft books, a nice library there.

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