Why’s Africa not RED?

Now I’m able to assimilate information a little more betterer following my SCT I’ve dipped my toe back into the waters of the causality of MM and going back to my posts here, here (not so much) and here leads to the above title from looking at the following information…

MM per 100,000 both sexes

MM per 100,ooo female

MM per 100,000 male

This information is available in a more fetching selection of colours but ‘Why’s Africa not a slightly darker shade of green?’ doesn’t have the same ring.

I’m moving to Belize once I’ve confirmed we still own it!  (We as in the UK not B and I – I think I’d know off the top of my head if we still owned a country SCT or no SCT!!)

5 responses to “Why’s Africa not RED?

  1. Paupa New Guinea here we come!

  2. Very interesting. I was surprised to see the figures were so high in Iceland, must be all that volcanic ash.

  3. I think Bhutan might be a good place to live… but seriously I find it interesting that the “more developed” countries seem to have the highest incidence rate… that says something about living simply and not eating all those processed foods, including sugar. And yet Colombia, which is not so highly industrialized has a rather high rate for the per capita population.

    Thanks for putting this forward…

  4. Gee, heaps of thanks for bloody ruining my evening, Paula ;-)…I mean, Italy has one of the highest MM incidence rates in the world! Sigh…
    Okay, that’s it! I’m moving to, hmmm let’s see…Belize…Seriously, now, this is very interesting, so thanks (real thanks this time :-))…I am going to link to your post from my blog now. Ciao!

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