Share a Square 2010

I came across this a few weeks ago and was enamoured. Crocheted six inch squares are sent to Texas, along with a card with saying where the squares are from and a little message, and the making up fairies put them together into afghans.  They given to children with cancer who attend a summer camp.  I was unsure as I am still doing stuff for the creche in South Africa and I don’t do much crocheting but had started some shortly after I got home from my ‘holiday’ as it’s easier to do lying down than knitting but since lying down in my case leads quickly to falling asleep I didn’t get much done.

It seemed like such a lovely idea and then on my first trip to Sunflowers, when I had a lift there so didn’t take a tour of Liverpool, I was chatting to a lady about knitting.  I had taken mine of course.  She was telling me that she had come across a local knitting group who literally piled wool in the middle of the group, you selected a ball and started knitting.  They knitted squares which were made up into blankets and given away to various groups or people having a tough time and a prayer was included.  The lady’s husband had received one when he had lung cancer.  Apparently it meant a lot to him and when he went for his afternoon nap in his recliner it was just the right weight.  It meant a lot to him right up until she put in in the washing machine and it went ‘funny’ (maybe it started telling jokes)!  She contacted the group to see if they could offer suggestions and to how to sort it out.  They couldn’t but what they did do was make him another one.

So in view of my apparently endless one ball stash, the lady’s story of how much the blanket meant to her husband and an opportunity to hone my crochet skills I decided to give Share a Square a whirl.  Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Crocheting – how hard can it be?  Well I’m pretty sure that double crochet looses something in the translation even though I checked the UK and American definitions – maybe it’s the translation from paper to my hook.  I started a spider’s web square yesterday and am pretty sure mine didn’t look anything like it should so since we were at the doctor’s with the m-i-l and I didn’t have another pattern to hand I fell back on the basic granny square!  As you can see I’ve been falling back and landing on that one quite a bit.  If you don’t know what a granny square is and as I have no idea how to describe it, I tried and it was like plaiting fog, it’s the most common of the above squares!

I particularly like the idea of a card saying where the square was made but want something really lovely/inspiring/caring (I know I don’t want much) to say on it.

2 responses to “Share a Square 2010

  1. Your squares are lovely! Thank you so much for telling people about the project. I wish you could have seen the faces of the children when we gave them afghans two years ago. Believe me, it makes it worth it. Granny squares are just fine (that’s mostly what I did, too, because they are fast). As for the tags … pick a short quote you like, or just tell them you are sending them love. These little kids from Texas are just going to be thrilled that the squares were sent from “Across The Pond!” I appreciate you, and 150 kids will, too!

  2. I love your squares.

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