Irresponsible dog owners should be shot!

I just watched Panorama – I’d taken it out of the personal planner on Sky+ because I didn’t think I wanted to watch tonight’s episode however, B had gone to work and I was just finishing a couple of crochet squares so thought I’d give it a go before going back to sorting my sewing room.  Big mistake – there were tears, snot and sobbing and that was just me!

It started in Battersea Dogs Home  and explained that they were having to destroy dogs because of the abundant number of unwanted dogs and because of the number that were unsuitable for re-homing due to being aggressive.  Since pit bulls were deemed illegal staffordshire bulls were the legal loophole for fighting dogs.  The numbers of staffies being collected had increased in, I think, 10 years, but don’t hold me to that from 300 and something to over 3,000.  A third of the overall number of dogs taken in by Battersea last year were put to sleep with approx 1,192 of these being healthy animals.

There were two staffies featured, one a stray and one taken in by the owner for reasons not explained.  The later passed muster and would be re-homed, the former although friendly with people wasn’t with other dogs which well and truly marked his card.  This was when the tears started.

Apparently the RSPCA are now refusing to accept dogs unless the reason is geninue, they weren’t prepared to ‘kill’ dogs because they no longer went with the owner’s decorations.

Four dogs were being taken from a small dogs’ home to be destroyed by a local vet, this was when the snot accompanied the tears, and then it showed one of them being put to sleep – not looking it in the eye but near enough, because the vet felt it was heartbreaking to him and people should see what it was like.

One of the dogs looked like the staffy and jack russell cross we looked after earlier in the year (considering I did let him eat a sewing needle I may need shooting in the foot, maybe a toe) and this  produced sobbing to accompany the tears and snot.

As per the agreement with B that I could have a puppy after my SCT – I’d like an akita (B wasn’t too keen on this idea) but was leaning towards a Heinz 57 from a rescue centre.  This programme made my mind up but ideally I still want a puppy – although we’ll need to get our new settee first to match sure it doesn’t clash!


2 responses to “Irresponsible dog owners should be shot!

  1. Ugh. It’s so hard to hear the hard facts of all this. Until they start throwing dog-fighters in jail, instead of just fining them, it will not stop. We have the same problem with shelters full of pitbulls too and most of them are “put to sleep.” Horrible.

  2. Jodie, the resident vampire at our hospital, has a staffie. She too was heartbroken about the programme. She was saying she hates the way that people type cast a dog just because of its breed, her staffie is as daft as a brush.

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