I think something ate something

The other morning I looked out of the window to the following…

Ohh, petals on the ‘lawn’ (mown weeds) off…  well since we have very few flowers in our ‘garden’ at the moment obviously they couldn’t be petals so they had to be feathers, which further investigation suitably attired in my wellies and pyjamas confirmed.

Two patches of feathers and a trail of odd ones leading to/from the fence but no other remains.

I’m pretty sure the something that got eaten was a wood pigeon but have no idea what the something that ate was!  (Margaret is that grammatically correct or are you having palpitations?)

2 responses to “I think something ate something

  1. Have you been dog-sitting Lorna’s Toni?

  2. I’m having palpitations…how did you know? 😉

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