I have shelves and a pain in my…

back!  What else – I haven’t seen the m-i-l since Thursday!  Although I had a close one today as I was supposed to be taking her to the doctors (just a routine follow-up appointment) this morning but fortunately B agreed that he would come with us to the next available appointment next Monday.  It’s just as well because I couldn’t have yanked her out of the car.

I put the shelves together on the floor last night, after B had gone to work (B stood it up this morning), so there was minimal lifting and when I woke up this morning my back was no stiffer than normal but when I leaned slightly over the wash hand basin – ow – nothing major but definitely pain as opposed to discomfort and I seem to have acquired a bit of a limp purely to get more sympathy!

The water jug was a bit troublesome when I was getting it out of the fridge. B put the box in to see what it looked like and I’m not taking a chance and taking it back out.

I also managed to break the wash hand basin last night.  One of the glass soap dispensers fell into it and it’s cracked!   B took that news very well because he managed to scratch the laminate flooring moving the shelves!  My sister in law, Gill, gave me a load of card making stuff a while ago and it included some tiny, tiny sprinkly ball things that you stick on with glue, they get everywhere even though I’ve never used them, and believe it or not one of those was under the shelving!  But it’s okay the huge table I got to use will cover the damage (to the floor, not the wash basin although it probably could – well it will cover most of the remaining free floor space in my sewing room, so that’s sorted.

B reaction to the broken wash hand basin confirms my theory that as long as it’s not HIS car it’s fine.  I’m going out in HIS car shortly!  After a nice warm bath!

One response to “I have shelves and a pain in my…

  1. After all they are only THINGS and you and B are what is important…hope the warm bath did the trick to loosen up the pain tho I know it isn’t much help with the M-I-L!

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