I hate myeloma

‘Why’ I hear you ask, ‘what’s it ever done to you?’

Well I’m gonna tell you whether you want to know or not.

Normally (maybe that should now read previously), when we bought flat pack furniture I put it together preferably me, myself and I while B was at work or in bed.  This has always worked out exceptionally well.  The only thing B had put together was the now dearly departed spare bed as I was unable to at the time.  Now I’ve had to promise not to lift anything and this means B is involved in stuff so now we have partly dismantled drawers to go into the garage which currently looks like this…

B took 20 minutes last night to put the now spare single duvet and pillow into the top of the wardrobe in our bedroom and finished by saying…

‘I’ll look at it again some time.’  It’s putting a duvet and pillow in the top of a wardrobe not splitting the atom.

‘Are you okay?’ I’d previously asked trying not to sound condescending as, did I mention, wardrobe, duvet, shelf?!?!?!

‘Well it’s not that simple I had to take some stuff out and move it about.’  DUVET – SHELF – WARDROBE! To quote a friend – big job broke out.

Earlier in the week I decided it would be way easier to list my yarn collection on Ravelry as I was moving it into the new storage boxes.  I’m up to 86 yarns and still have four boxes to go – I seem to have one ball of about 85 of them– big job did break out!

This is bedroom three now…

So B has suggested that the SOON to be fully dismantled drawers go in the hall/dining room until the garage is tidied.  Then the new shelves have to be moved up from the garage and put together (why is that not mantled?). The table has remained pushed to one side from when the neighbours collected the bed on Friday in preparation because the 10 seconds it would take to push it back are obviously too precious to be spent in such an endeavour.  (It’s too heavy for me to risk, I tried, – basically because I’m not prepared to take the earache if I do myself a mischief.)

And we currently have a suitcase in it which B’s brother decided to return yesterday after deciding not to take it on holiday with them today

This can’t yet go in the loft because the glorihole (I have no idea how that is spelled it’s the word we use for a cupboard that you put er, stuff in, I guess that makes it a cupboard, I think it may need to be over the stairs to qualify for glorihole status) looks like this…

That’s the currently clean washing waiting to be ironed, needless to say I’ll probably need reminding where that is at some point.

I cleared as big an area as I could to make moving about easier and B on removing the drawers hastily filled it!  Now I may be mistaken but I believe they would have stacked!  I needed a nap at this point.

Meanwhile the other side of the floor is monopolised by the ironing board, which is huge, so is fantastic for ironing but the complete opposite for storage.  And if you try and stand it up it slides down.

We had a discussion yesterday about amending this wardrobe (which currently contains the stuff out of the drawers which I moved in after moving the wool out, I know, I know, why didn’t I just move the stuff from the drawers into bedroom three and sort out the wool later – doing it this way seemed like a good idea at the time – it’s the medication) to accommodate the ironing board…

I stopped talking when B glazed over completely and steam started coming out of his ears, I mean come on, he was about to take some drawers out which had funny little plastic screws to stop them coming out completely in use, one technical problem at a time for goodness sake!

Our bedroom has become home for B’s loose change collection…

I wondered why he was said at one point, seemingly unrelated to anything, – ‘Don’t worry they won’t be there long.’

Even the landing has stuff…

The lounge has the things I am currently knitting/crocheting in it (as where I normally put these is full of the clean washing) and some wool that needs sorting.  The only rooms not affected are the kitchen and the bathroom, but thinking about it I could get a lot of wool in the bath, it’s okay we have a separate shower so we wouldn’t smell!

Bearing in mind it took B over a week to move a vase of flowers out of the porch I think I may have a fully functioning sewing room in about 2015!

5 responses to “I hate myeloma

  1. Hi loved your new layout and your blogs lots of neat things. Loved the fabric. Your hair will come back. Hope the disease has been disabled. Take care J

  2. My mother used to call a storage space the “glory-hole” and I never saw anything glorious about it… especially when it fell to me to find something… or to re-organize it. I think it might be a nautical term. I will do some research and find out for sure. Even in the best of health having to re-do a room is a challenge!

  3. Thank you for this post!! I loved it. I have been trying to help my spouse understand that people everywhere have the same issues that we do with storage and stuff. BTW, like the new shelves you put together! Ikea??

    • Well spotted – Ikea indeed – Expedit in birch – table to follow when B manages to get the table top upstairs – Ingnst, no, Iyngbl, oh, something beginning with an I and I’m pretty sure it has an n in it and possibly a Y! ;D

  4. Oh, oh, nearly forgot the possibly related post listed when I left the above comment was ‘How to handle a break-up online – CNN.com’ – maybe that’s what bad storage leads to!

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