More Dresses

I dropped on this material in my local fabric store, which I must take a photo of as it has to be seen to be believed, although I’d need some spy training first as some the staff would probably escort me from the premises if they caught me.

I particularly liked the way the flowers were denser at the edge of the fabric although the dress doesn’t show this off as well as it could because I was a little short of material and had to cut out what I could from where I could – grain be dammed.  I had intended for the band under the bodice to be smocked but that turned into a smocking mess and I took the scissors to it one night when I was a little over tired – as my Great Aunt used to describe it – I was nangy tired!  I ‘tidied’  the dress bits away (for tidied read stuffed in a drawer) but fortunately the following day after a good night’s sleep I tackled it again and used the waistband that went with the original pattern but altered the skirt.  Fortunately being short was advantageous and even with the three inches of smockiness cut off the dress was still long enough.

The zip I inserted by hand as per Couture Sewing Techniques.  I don’t think my running stitches are quite as small as they should be but so far the zip hasn’t burst free and I’ve worn it twice.  I had a zip in which matched perfectly the peachy colour in the material and decided rather than hide the zip I’d leave it on display as a contrast.

When I put it on to go out last week B had just woke up and said he liked it but enquired about my wig.  I tried it on and B didn’t think the wig went with the dress – thus proving my theory when you are folically challenged you don’t have to worry about your hair style matching your outfit.

The second dress was made from scrapes.  A dress I’d made but didn’t like in the blue gingham along with plain white cotton and three different lots of broderie anglaise* my Auntie En had given me.  I like it but… because I lined the broderie anglaise on the top two tiers it doesn’t hang like it should, being a little bit stiff.  I have a sneaky feeling it’s not going to get a lot of wear.  It took a lot more material than I had anticipated hence the patchwork bottom tier which got complemented by a fellow customer in the fabric shop.

*  I had to google this because spell check had no idea – I also had no idea – how hard is it to google something when you have no idea how it’s spelled – but I did find an online fabric shop so it worked out well!

4 responses to “More Dresses

  1. That is one very glamourous gown you have there! How about a matching turban – very Eartha Kitt!

  2. And where young lady do you go to wear such a glam frock? I’m beginning to suspect that armchair yoga and the retired vicar is secret code. 😉

    • I went to Ikea!!!!!! It was hot and this is now the coolest dress I own. I also went with the m-i-l and B to the docs in it. B thought it was a bit OTT but then said the flip flops I put on with it were too casual! I said we’d just tell people I was going out later.

      B expressed a similar thought with regard to the retired vicar – he translated it as a 20 year old, but let me ask you this – if this was the case then with B needing the car to go to work at 20:15 would I have been home at 18:50 or 20:14 and 59 seconds?

  3. I love reading about your sewing adventures. I used to sew quite a bit. Then life got crazy with work and raising children. And now. Mm. I am itching to start sewing again and have several projects lined up. Now its trying to find the energy and clear mind inbetween chemo and dex days. Anyway just wanted to let you know you inspire me! Have a great day! Love,Kris

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