Look at my Watch…

‘That’s a nice watch.’

Why, thank you, yes it is.  I can just about lift my arm up with it on.  I’m going to have to swap wrists regularly otherwise my left arm muscles are going to be so much bigger than the right.  It was a birthday present!  It’s the thought that counts!  And the thoughts were probably I’m always on the last minute and I like purple!  Don’t you think it makes my wrist look small – if only there was something that had the same effect on my backside.  I wonder if I could get FitFlops or Skechers Shape-ups on prescription.

I never wear a watch and this coupled with my current scattiness is not a particularly good combination.

Monday parking ticket.

Tuesday missed BBQ at the blood support group (not that I was intending on risking the BBQ’ed meat, or salad or anything that had been manhandled by anybody who didn’t have a detailed itinery available of exactly where their hands had been all day – other than on the end of their wrists of course) and B nearly had sniffer dogs, mountain rescue and the coastguard looking for me – which could have been quite neat really, a ride in a helicopter!

I did however remember to pick up and drop off the yoga-ing ex vicar and there started my problem.  I went in for a cup of tea at 15:20 thinking I had plenty of time to get home for 17:00 for B to take me to the Blood Group Meeting.

When I got asked did I want a second cup of tea, I enquired what time it was and I’d been having such a good time that I not given a thought to time and there it was 17:00!  My own mobile was in the car, as it turned out with no charge and 9 pence worth of credit – this in itself isn’t that unusual I’m not a big fan of mobiles.  When I rang B much to my surprise he wasn’t a happy bunny – can you believe that.

Now if I’d driven home there and then technically we could still have made it to the Sunflowers Centre but this is B we are on about who had pulled his face at taking me in the first place – I had a lift home and the lady who I normally go with was at the centre all day but would have come back and picked me up but I thought I’d inconvenience B instead.  So I decided it would make my life so much easier if I didn’t push this so I had another cup of tea, a couple of biscuits and got home at 18:50 – via car rather than helicopter as B had only phoned my sister in law, Gill, and one of my friends.

I did apologise to B for having so much fun with a vicar that I lost track of time!

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