I have a request

On Monday when I got the parking ticket B asked me who’d died and now I feel so ashamed that I cried over such a thing.  Today there were more tears only this time someone had died.  Someone from armchair yoga, someone a similar age to me, someone with breast cancer, someone I knew, someone…

So my request to you is simple – Don’t die!

This is a purely selfish request of course – I don’t like being sad, it doesn’t suit me and apparently it gives you more wrinkles than being happy.

3 responses to “I have a request

  1. No immediate plans to do so. But people realy ought to give up that expression! My son said it to FL recently, on a day he was going to a funeral…

    • Has he thought of a career as a comedian with timing like that!

      I know it’s one of those impossible phrases but sometimes you just have to get it off your chest. I was going to say it’s better than ‘Everything will be fine’ but then thought that that’s better than the m-i-l saying ‘When you go to the hospital do they say to you you’ll get better!’

  2. Men in general seem less able to express their concerns sympathetically and use that expression to ward off anxiety, I suspect. My father used to say, “Are you leaking for a reason, or just on general principles?” when he saw me tearing up or crying. This left a door open to share if I cared to or not.

    Condolences on the loss of a friend… it is always wrenching, but especially if it someone you have resonated to… and worse if they are younger (yikes! Is the door opening for me next?) and one is unaware of any health issues they might have had.

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